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+Danny Sullivan has everything you need to know about Kindles.
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Are they anymore robust or reliable. My daughter went through 3 kindles in less that a year then switched to a nook which has survived over 2 years of intense usage. 
There are three kindles at my house - a series 2, a series 3, and a touch. All three have been very reliable for us despite each of them being dropped multiple times. (They do all have cases.)
Like the author, I prefer e-ink for reading both in bright sunlight, and for long reading periods.

My only complaint about the K3 (now the kindle keyboard) is that we do password-protect our kindles (as I would any device that provides 1-click purchasing), and on the K3, the paint is wearing off the keys used most often, making it fairly easy to guess which letters are used in the password.

Finally, I don't really like "joystick" based text entry, which is used by the base model kindle for all text entry, and the kindle keyboard for numbers and punctuation. So for me, the Touch is the model of choice.
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