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Look! A $700 phone with guaranteed delayed OS updates, shitty bloatware, and a two year deal with the devil Verizon.
Is the backlight not working? Why the spotlight - lol
You know what I just don't get? Why does Verizon and T-Mobile and such have to be the ones selling these phones? Why can't we just buy a phone and then pair it up to our wireless plan? That's an off topic post and all, but it bugs me that we can't decide on a plan and a phone separately.
@ Timothy - You can, I'm sure. Off contract and un-subsidized you will pay $500-700 if other phones are anything to go by.

I bought my iPhone 4 in the UK off contract for a large sum and did exactly that as I knew I was moving to the US.
Admittedly I've not seen the 'release' or statements such as this.

Also the CDMA / GSM difference is a problem. The US has remained behind the times with CDMA / TDMA technology and pays the price for higher costs of additional development for additional technologies, which conveniently for Verizon keeps customers on their network.

 - I see your new response - I agree, here it's not easy. T-Mobile appear to have a good setup. a reduced plan cost for hardware owners... That is 'new' here, but in the UK if you have no 'contract' or bring own hardware I think ALL companies offer simple moves between networks. They are ALL GSM... Simple
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