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China is now the world's largest smart device market:
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I wonder if population has anything to do with this.
Of course.  Let's see it in terms of percentage of population instead of sheer numbers.
Es sorprendente lo que hacen 
Or maybe it is because most Americans are now broke and can't afford smartphones and/or the plans to connect them. Making the mortgage payments and dealing with rising inflation is really starting to hit hard!

Measuring by counting the " billions of app sessions a day"--could be measuring apples and oranges, and many other fruit too. What's the definition of "active," precisely? This article is thin on definition.
Presuming the statistics are accurate, what does it tell us? That one has a bigger population? 
just because a piece of shit has android on it, doesn't make it a smartphone.
+ Duncan Chan ...the words out of my mouth:)
Maybe they don't want a book (or that particular book.) Or any particular 'western' book.
In any case, the really poor need neither cellphones nor Bibles; more likely need gas or electricity, or running water. 
A Bible or Shakespeare or other clever things we have are not "bare necessities" there. Either way, I think we do agree on the basics about poverty 'cept for the way we measure it. Sorry if this sounds 'unintelligent' too. 
Remember that time when people were smart and phones were dumb? I miss those days.
Of course they would top our market. They have 4 times the population....duh!!
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