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That's the last thing this economy needs so I hope not.
I went into one on 23rd and 6th in Manhattan, and it was a ghost town.
Best Buy isn't going anywhere. Mine is packed most of the time. It's the only game in town for what it sells.
The article also said that CompUSA had shuttered its stores ... they may have shuttered a bunch of them, but they're not out of brick-and-mortar entirely.
yeah i live in alaska and three no place like best buy here so i really hope they stay. no place has that kind of display models and the musical instrument department section there is awesome
Ron Ng
I hope Best Buy stays ... they're the only alternative to Fry's .. and the one here is not empty ... it still keeps pretty busy.
I hope they do not go under... I will not buy over the internet.....
I really like Best Buy, but they have turned their in-store appearance into a rundown KMart. It looks awful. Go back to what you are good at and get rid of the candy, K-cups, and any and every other non-electronic you are throwing up on shelves and pegs.
It's over. Best Buy has closed the majority of stores in Europe...and the only stores that seem to be turning a profit are those in China, which sell high end fakes. I doubt they'll be around in another 5 years. It's no wonder. Best Buy has some of the worst business practices out there for customers and employees alike.
I have 2 best buys within a 5 mile radius of where I live. One is busy full of window shoppers and the other is not busy at all. They never price match anything and because they know they're the only game in town they think people will shop there. It would suck if they do close their doors, but come on their pricing on stuff isn't competitive at all!
I prefer Future Shop, since I'm Canadian
After Radioshack and Sam's Club shut down!?!? Hope Best Buy doesn't...
Best buy seems to be doing okay in my area ,but they seem to price their items kinda high.
Joe C
I have never been a fan of Best Buy because I have always had bad experiences from rude staff who are not knowledgeable of the products that they sell. I liked Circuit City and was sad to see them go under. I now buy from Apple or online venders. 
I'm with you, +Joe C . Rude staff, not knowledgable at all in the departments they work in...if you can even find someone to help. Internal policies would blow your mind how little they seem to care of customers needs.
I prefer Walmart and Target over Best Buy!
+alex dampios I've actually bought 3 TVs off the internet. Every one of them in displaying amazing visuals, average 15% off retail store price or better, and NO tax. Tax on a $1000+ item gets expensive you kno. Then, u warrenty them with +SquareTrade, who I've already claimed for with one of my TVs who gave me a FULL purchase price refund.

Everytime I tell people the prices i bought my TV/monitos for, their jaws drop. And as i mentioned earlier, extended warrenties are not a problem when square trade exsists. If u want a personal look at their quality, you can always look at their quality in a Best Buy or other electronics store, and compare their reveiws off many retail stores websites. Best Buy hates people like me.

However, i like to buy video games from them.
+Justin Bell . Not on ebay or amazon. If you buy from a seller out of state, you don't pay state sales tax. I live in Florida, so if i buy anything off the east coast states excluding FL my items come in 3 days or so. That's one of the main reasons I avoid retail for the big buck items. 6% isn't much on things below $100 and it isn't much if you compare it to other states. But 6% on a $1200 LED TV is $72. I'll use that $72 to pay for part of my 3-year warranty. I'm EXTREMELY frugal.
Yeah, all electronic stores are going down. Amazon is killing retail. States need to start taxing online retailers.
I'm one of those 'instant gratification' kind of people, when I want something I want it in my hands now....not in a few days. Best Buy always fulfills that need for me. I do admit their store looks more like a KMart franchise than a high tech, classy electronics store now. Checkout lanes with candy, magazines, toys and other crap needs to go.
Best Buy is a grown man's Toys R Us. When I want technology I go to Best Buy. Every one in my city is always crowded. I'll never buy tech over the internet, I have no patience.
The big advantage of a tech store over buying online was the ability to talk to a salesmen and ask questions. At Best Buy when the guy selling you the computer or whatever knows next to nothing about it, and will lie to get the sale the advantage of going to a store is gone. It's cheaper online (usually) and you can research and compare it right on your computer. Salesmen who are not trained is the big reason stores like this are losing the edge they had over buying online.
ExACTLY my point. +Jay Jenkins . It takes me some valueble time, but with that time, I get my great deals. And its true, theyll tell u anything to get that sale. Researching hz specifications, refresh rates, ect, what it all means and what it doed to make a tv different.

I had a friend who said she bought a 3d tv from best buy. Walked in, telling the guy she wanted the TV with the best picture quality but could care less for 3d. He pointed to her out this specific one, it was $2500. I did my research after hearing this suspecting it was a lie that only 3d TVs give u the best picture. In fact, its a lie. Although any 3dtv will give u better quality than a standard 2dtv, if u spend $1500, and get the highest end LED TV we cud say, ur getting the SAME 2d picture quality as the 3d one. My friend has had the tv for over a year now, and only used the 3d maybe... Once? As well as only owning one pair of glasses cause they cost $100 each. She got a great 3d tv, but that $1000 went to waste considering off the bat she said she didnt care about 3d, and obviously has demonstrated she doesn't. All because the guy at best buy was looking for the extra commision. Do ur own research guys, it'll save u a TON of money cause those guys are only trying to sell u the highest priced one so they get commission.
+Camille Shim-Marinos exactly, and when you do the research, they will stand there and tell you your wrong. Had a salesman telling my girl only the $120 surge protector would protect against a power surge, and the the $80 one from the "home theater surge protectors" section would not. How dumb do they think we are?
Best buy told me that only the monster surge protectors, filter the dirty power coming into my house. I live in the United States not a 3rd world country! 
They're definitely not the "best buy" $50 for an HDMI cable that I can get for $15 from amazon?
If BestBuy can evolve and change it's retail store structure, they could survive where Circuit City and others have failed. They need to downsize their stores, focus on customer service, really educate their employees about their products (and get them to care about their jobs!) and offer something on-line retailers can't: better hands on experience.
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