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The Galaxy Note 8 is here. What do you think? Hands-on with Samsung's comfortable, functional tablet:
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But it's not an iPad!
Nick Fong
and it's not an iPad!
This might stop me from grabbing the Note 2. lol.  I can be patient and wait for the S4 now and grab the Note 8 as my in between device.
So just slightly larger than the Note 2...
So they really don't have any other design ideas 
Going forward, it would take quite a lot to get me to buy anything other than a Nexus device. The Asus Transformer with its laptop-style dock is the one thing I know of right now that could tempt me away from a Nexus.
Watch Samsung change the Name to Samsung galaxy note 3
I just sold my Nextbook Tablet and I miss it and am getting a Kindel Fire, but would consider the Samsung
So when are they going to make one that rolls up like a piece of paper?
Andy Yu
Ugly!!mini is better
Its like a Note with little man syndrome, trying to overcompensate for something. At least that's what I will think of anybody actually walking around talking on this monstrousity
It's way too small for the kind of phone I want.
Samsung should release all from 1" to 15" to cover all sizes. LOL. Idiots.
It looks so awesome, when does it come out and whats the price?
Im not interested. I would like an galaxy s4
The international version can make phone calls. I'm buying me 1. Thank god I switched to t-mobile
+DJ Woods You will save some money if you buy the tablet over a note 2. Personally i,m waiting for the note 3. Hopefully it will launch with their next software innovation and cutting edge hardware.

+Libby Miller the difference in functionality between the kindle fire and the note 8.0 is like night and day
I love sansung android devices but plastic again?
I have tabe 2.its good
But have not user manual?¿:-(

If Iam going to buy a tablet its going to be ipad and now this
one is also attracting me...though I hate android tablets...
I like this one...
If note 2 have thin bezel? How come this one cannot have the same. I mean look that fat bezel. 
So make the os able to detect between touch and hold. 
Low ppi, no tablet apps, the ipad wins this round.
Will everyone pls stop using such foul language on posts?........ the word ipad or similar is frowned just kidding everyone needs a side kick h ah a
They both have low ppi, yes the ipad has a lower one, but the ipad gets the edge for having more apps, plus the note 8 propably wont be amoled.
+buster brojeni before you flame me, check your source. Ipad mini can distinguish between hold and touch. Bezel is thin. 
+Glenn Curran when you take into consideration that it is the about, pretty much the mini' size, Note 8 still has a better resolution and more functionalities (phone calls) and least it has a 720p. Nexus 10 beats any iPads' resolution out there and it is a beauty. Even the Nexus 7 resolution is. still better than the Mini's and a whole lot for your money.
How do we know that CNET's review isn't biased? After all, their corporate CBS masters control what gets reviewed and what's said. I don't trust CNET anymore, not after the CES fiasco. 
All you silly isheep please stop... ipad mini can do this ipad can do that. I'm happy it has a larger bezel its a great fucking tab costs less than the ipad mini is years ahead of it in specs and honestly I will trade my nexus7 for it. Oh and whoever said the buttons don't work with stylus is a retard because that is working with the stylus. 
Way better than the overpriced and over hype of the ipad...very functional and just as good if not better
Nope nothing is gonna take me away from my Nexus 10
+Henry Djunaedi there really isn't anything special about an iPad, iPad mini or any iPhone. They are over hyped and over priced. Everytime they update the iOS it looks more like an Android. Google and all its Android army (Samsung, HTC, Motorola, LG, Asus, Acer, Sony, and now HP among others like Huawei and ZTE etc etc) have caught up and the advantage Apple once had, is barely there.
I cannot wait for the Note 6 to come out. Then I can have the Galaxy S4, Note2, Nexus 7 and the Nexus 10. Then I will need some form of 9" tablet when I make some room for it in my backpack. 
+Miggles Martinez whats the difference between the note 2 8.0 and 10.1 nothing just like the nexus 7 and 10 talk about raping pockets hows that android update u know the one you have to wait 6-8 months to get. And as for expensive i sold my iPad 3 to get the forth and i only paid $250 for the 32GB version something you cant do in the android army lol 
+Miggles Martinez geez. Im only talking about the bezel. There also things that ipad mini lack of. No retina display is one thing. I'm only saying Samsung could make the bezel thinner, yet they don't. 
+Robert Soyars so? I have to type iPad everytime I type them? So ppl could understand what I mean is iPad not Ipad? 
+Leslie Johnson There are actually a lot of differences. There is screen sizes, pixel densities on them, prices, carriers and functionalities among a whole lot more.
As far as the OS updates...they are All running the latest Android version (Jellybean).

But see we have an abundance of choices and liberty to do with our devices whatever we want. Apple nor Google hold our hands and tell us what we can and can't do.


+Leslie Johnson How come everyone doesn't get their 32GB iPad for $250? Since its way over overpriced at $600?
Its seems like you still overpaid 250$ for a processor, if you already had one to sell in order to get a new one.
I thought pads were what a lady uses one a month. And Crapple makes pads that are worthy of using to wipe your other side after going #2.
+Miggles Martinez how cant i do that with my gs3 o cuz it doesn't hold its value yes they run jelly bean now but what about when its time for a new update? How long will i wait to be on the same level as google 
+Miggles Martinez btw googles event will come in march i think thats when they will release key lime pie i guess i wont be getting that update till september huh. All that great talk about raping products google rapes you with the new chrome book and the hold of there latest android update. I always wondered why android smartphone commercial always mention that the phone is running the latest google update. Thats bs 
+Leslie Johnson you still ended up paying $600 for an iPad that you claim you ONLY paid $250. You paid $250 ONLY for the processor which is the stupidest thing I've heard...and its not like its an Intel i5 or i7 that is actually worth that much. That's the only difference between iPad 3 and iPad 4. I think you have more serious problems than the OS update, plus iOS is beginning to look like Android...Notification bar which don't even compare still, widgets are next, I already see it. smaller form factor tablets even though they swore they were never going to do and how bad of an idea it was...yada yada yada...
Rear camera is bulging out of the plane of back surface....
Not well designed.
+Miggles Martinez Steve Jobs said he would never make one btw it has sold more than 12 million more than the nexus 7 and any other tablet. Plus you still can seem to answer my question about that samsung or android resale value 
The Android ecosystem is growing so fast that's why? Its constantly improving itself and coming out with newer products at such a fast rate, vs Apple that comes out with only one device a year. I don't see how your iPad held its value though...the thing was only out for 6 months before the 4th came out...not that much of logic on your part if you sold it and still had to pay an additional $250 to pretty much get the same thing.
+Miggles Martinez lol ok let me put it this way i bought my gs3 in june unlocked for i believe i paid $500 maybe over that i tried to sell it and a few stores couldn't even give me $150 i sold my iPhone 4 16gb to sprint of $250 that phone is over two years old. Ive sold used macs and made over $750 thats more than half i got back i don't wanna hear the they are making them to fast. Just tell me there is little to no value coming back if i buy it. Btw most people are under 2 year contracts so most people aren't gonna buy android phone every 3 to 6 months, and about those fast making phones samsung made more than 3 versions of the same gs3 phone with less than good specs just like HTC and Lg. 
+Leslie Johnson What? The specs were great...the GS3 came out 6 months earlier than the iPhone 5 and held its own. Just as the GS4 is going to have better specs than the iPhone 5 and when the 5S might have better specs when it comes out...well either way I can agree that all types of phones have their advantages and disadvantages no matter the ecosystems but Android seems to improve at a faster rate. There are no iPhones with 1080p screen resolution, finally got LTE, a battery that lasts 23 hours with heavy usage, NFC, among others that I am too tired of listing (No sleep) by the way, I got my GS3 for only $200 unlocked no contract.
To me its poorly designed, the I pad is sleek and thin this thing if fat and bulbous, looks like a giant gs3
+CNET It isn't a "sequel" to the Note 2 if it doesn't work as a phone for US customers. Come on! 
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