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The first-ever space tourist is now planning to make a trip to Mars in 2018:
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That would be a pretty cool way to finish out your long as you had plenty to read and a bunch of heroin
Will 2018 be the arrival year or departure year?
Not a one way trip even if it was what a way to go sign me up 
My question is how much? Is this his money or government funding?
No Motel 6 on Mars -- so this might be a no-go...
+Willie Warren for sure government funding or private funding. That's probably why he came out and said "planning" planning on getting someone to help pay for the trip
Seems a bit of a big leap ahead knowing the fact we haven't even been on Moon in the last 50 years or so... (if we have ever been)
Is Cnet trying to outcrazy the National Enquirer? 
Round-trip is definitely doable but it's going to take a very enormous ship in order to make that happen.
If this guy pulls it off i can see it now some people saying its fake he just went to the space station and prerecord the landing in a studio haha...anywho id love to go to Mars even if it kills me half way atleast i died trying 
Yeah, I agree, I like to try. It would be amazing to to into space and would be even better to land on a different planet.
Yeah, we'd have to have some other form of energy, other than fossil fuel to make a trip like that. It's a shame, when I was a kid , I thought we would be further along, technology wise, then we are now!
The amount of ignorance on this matter is more than a little sad. The technology exists and there are numerous plans that have been developed for sending manned space craft to Mars over the last few decades. In some aspects, flying to Mars is easier than the moon. 

It's not technology that's kept it from happening. It's a lack of money and drive. Today's NASA has zero direction, backed by administrations that don't give two hoots about what a space program brings/can bring to a nation. 

Most issues brought up over flying to Mars are simply excuses not to try it, and can be answered quite succinctly with "no one is forcing potential Mars-bound astronauts to go". As many once said in the 80s and 90s as talk of going to Mars was mired in senseless talk about health and safety, those who want to fly to Mars really don't care about the risks. If they want to take them, then let them. 

Now that it's becoming increasingly feasible for private enterprise to launch their own space craft, I'm fairly confident it will not be NASA that makes it to Mars first. I suppose there's an outside chance China makes it there first, as they do seem to have a vision backed up by their government, but they're taking a very methodical approach, and a private citizen/business could skip many of those steps and beat them to it.

I don't know that it'll be Tito, though he's in a rather unique situation due to his age and how it relates to potential health issues (ie: at his age, he likely doesn't care). I do wish him luck. I think dreamers (who have the resources to back it up) are important, regardless of whether he succeeds or not. 
Welcome to WalMars where you can find the lowest price for a fusion reactor. No Union members Allowed.
Wait didn't the president cut off the space program cause he as well as the rest of society thinks its a waste of money..
+Willie Warren the same thing was said about investing in fedex, google, GE, and apple....the president is not all knowing and is not the definite answer to all questions.
Nobody said he was...I'm just saying i agree with him..we have spent billions of dollars only to study rocks..who cares?
+Willie Warren I would rather be off this pathetic rock we call Earth and go somewhere else where politics and fanaticism doesn't exist. If anything, studying rocks from other planets allowed us to understand other worlds more so than we could understand the level of stupidity on this planet.
+Jessy Corrales All of this technology is leading us to colonize other worlds, which is paramount. Right now, the entire human race is stuck on one planet. One errant meteor and everything our species has ever created is gone. Some people may be willing to hedge our bets that the Earth will always be fine, but I'm not. We WILL colonize other planets. It's just a matter of time.
+Scott Jones Thumbs up on that statement.  I believe that any private venture that wants to attempt something as daring as this is a great effort towards innovation and discovery. 
I'm not sure I think we are so important. Maybe it's better to leave things for a nicer species.
+Vago Damitio Yeah, that's an incredibly silly and hypocritical mindset to have. For people who seem to be so disdainful towards the human race and don't think we should even exist, they should prove their conviction and do themselves in. Of course, they never do. It's just non-sensical for anyone to even say the human race shouldn't exist.

+miguel mesias-acosta Definitely. Purely from an economical/business point of view, the solar system is CHOCK FULL of opportunities. The first company that can colonize a planet and begin exploiting it for its resources will take a HUGE step in ensuring humanity's greater survival and expansion.
+Scott Jones I didn't say we shouldn't exist, I said that maybe we should stay put and leave the rest of the universe for a species that doesn't think about economic exploitation and resource extraction. We are the Borg, unfortunately.
If we solve our problems here, then we would prove our worthiness to expand. I'm not a fan of manifest destiny in any form.
+Vago Damitio Umm, no. That's still silly. You're basically resigning humanity to extinction by saying we shouldn't progress any further, stay on this planet and eventually die off by climate change, or an errant meteor, global war, a pandemic... and you're doing so on a computer that's hooked up to a global network of computers giving us the ability to communicate on a global level instantaneously. Preaching against technological progress while using the Internet is, also, hypocritical.
+Scott Jones No. I'm saying we should use our technology to solve the problems we've created here instead of exporting them. You can call that silly if you like. I don't think we (as a species) have earned the right to expand to other planets yet.  I'd like to think that someday we will, but at the present time we would just make interplanetary warfare and solar system destruction more possible than an errant asteroid. How has anything I've said gone against technological progress? I've simply said that I don't think building colonies is the answer to our problems. Silly is doing the same thing and expecting different results on a different planet.
+Vago Damitio There are over 7 billion people on this planet and more scientists alive right now than have ever been in the entire history of the human race. You're telling me we have to relegate progress to an arbitrary number of fields and concerns because... I don't know. It makes no sense. And, with all due respect to your ego, it's not up to you to decide that humanity has earned the right to expand to other planets. You know when we have the right? When we've achieved the technological mastery of space travel to do so, and that's it. If some private company, or even a government comes up with the means, which is economically-viable, to achieve space travel and planetary colonization, then it will happen and it should happen.

Mankind will probably never "cure" certain species-inherent traits like racism, greed, hatred, but restricting an entire species prospects for ultimate survival just because you think there's too many bad people? That just reeks to me as an incredibly simplistic and naive worldview. "Until we're all holding hands and everyone is singing camp songs we need to halt progress NOW!" Again, it's silly.
I am seeing a good point from Scott here. Just because one person has a disagreement it doesn't mean anything. I applaud your effort +Vago Damitio in wanting human kind to first solve its petty differences first before venturing out into the cosmos, but you have to face the reality that humankind will never be cured of greed, violence, the lust for power. It will always be with us so long as we live in this material universe. Therefore making a detour with our progress just because of our pettiness is pointless. We just have to move on and expand so that we won't go extinct.

We all have a right to express our opinions on the matter as individuals, but the fact of the matter is that our opinions as individuals don't matter at all when weighed against the needs of the many. If the 'many' need to expand beyond the confines of this backwater planet in order to continue surviving, than the 'few' who disagree will not have a voice in the matter.

Democracy is like two wolves and a sheep trying to decide what's for dinner.
It's funny that you mention my ego +Scott Jones when you are the one who keeps insisting that my opinion is wrong or silly. I've never said anything but my opinion and I'm entitled to it whether you agree or don't. Actually, whether you agree or don't doesn't make any difference to me. 

You are behaving like a troll and while you are entitled to your opinion and desire, so is everyone else. Good day. 
+Vago Damitio I'm not saying your OPINION is silly. You're inferring that the human race should halt all progress and stay restricted to the Earth and its ability to support us because of some vague assessment about the human condition, which is actually quite childish. You also inferred that individuals/groups/companies/corporations/governments shouldn't be allow to pursue space travel, again, for the same vague reasons. I will deem those arguments as childish because they are. They reek at having airy, philosophical excuses that supercedes all cogent practical, sensible reasons. Anyone who would be so bold as to say that the entire human race's progress should be halted because of THEIR personal beliefs is egotism of the highest order.

I'm not saying what people should do. I'm saying people should be allowed to pursue their own goals so long as they don't directly or indirectly adversely affect others. If an individual or individuals voluntarily decide to invest in space travel for whatever reasons(profit, adventure, .etc) and no harm will come to another organism, then the argument ends there. They should be allowed to do it. You're arguing against freedom. Not only freedom, but against progress that will help improve the human condition. That is deplorable by any standard, regardless of how virtuous you may think it is.
+Scott Jones and +Vago Damitio do you have any idea how indifferent both of you sound right now with this back and forth bickering? Scott, you pointing out someone's ego is only derailing the topic like Ozzy Osborne's crazy train. Vago, you are slowly stooping to his level by trying to confront him the way you do.
+Jessy Corrales Jessy, if I was indifferent to the topic I never would've bothered to comment on it. lol I don't think you know what that word means.

I pointed out Vago's ego because it's indicative of this infecting, collective perspective(he's not alone)that I've seen quite often with people who don't understand the true goals and potential for space travel and therefore have these very naive opinions on the matter that adversely affect public opinion, which have the potential to affect not only governmental policies, but the methods in which private companies can go about these endeavors.

They're people who really don't understand the ultimate purpose of space travel. Therefore, they sling out these vague philosophical musings about 'Man shouldn't leave Earth because we're still flawed'. This makes sense... if you're writing Twilight Zone fan fiction. It just irks me when I read those kinds of unrealistic, sheltered, quaint comments that are based on a lack of basic of information from people who only have a passing concern when space travel, and ultimately colonization of other planets and the exploitation of  resources derived from celestial bodies like meteors and non-Earth planets is crucial to our prolonged survival as a species.

We can't afford to be held back by ignorance.
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