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This small e-reader faces big competition. Do you like the Kobo Mini?
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The mini looked too small to me. I got the Kobo Glo instead, and I like that one, though I was underwhelmed by Kobo customer service and how their website functions (prices listed wrong, lacking in search capability etc). Overall, though, the device is good and I'm glad to have a device that reads ePubs in addition to my Kindle.
well for the price and dimension may be quite interesting for who has a smartphone and a laptop
This small e-reader faces more than competition, it faces irrelevancy. 
I love my Kobo Mini.  It's small enough to fit in the pocket of my jeans and the battery life is acceptable as long as the wifi is turned off.  I don't like reading from a back-lit screen but I wanted a very mobile device.  This works.

I also got it for $50 Canadian.  At that price I'd definitely recommend it. 
I am happy reading on my phone. That's small, too. It's a one-stop shopping convergence device. Portability is key.
I like my Kobo Glo. The only reason I got it over the mini was for the backlight. Other than that, i think that Kobo has produced a solid device and I would recommend it to anyone.
Scott, backlighting is critical IMHO.
+Mark Squires I couldn't stand having to read without it. I don't want to turn on the lights in a room to read
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