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The 2013 Ford C-Max Energi is the most practical plug-in. Check out our First Drive:
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Requires a $1600 charging station to be installed at your home, or takes 18 hours to recharge.    The current model gets 47 MPG without the plugin, just from engineering.. seems like a better deal.  The new Fusions are coming out with improved charging technology too and prices are coming down..  I'm waiting on one making it to Carmax after a year and then will buy one.
Hmm...I thought it was 8 hours to charge on 110. Will the Fusion Energi be similar?
Same tech.. these numbers are per the dealer who probably wants to sell the current models, fwiw.
I drove the hybrid and got 55 mpg on my test drive.  
+Glenn Futrell, Not every car company is as awesome as Tesla, but they are doing their best with the technology they have. Ford can not compete with Tesla in the pure electric market either so a plug in hybrid makes sense.

With this car, they out do Toyota's prius on electric range, but is still cheaper than a Tesla (and has no range issues as long as you can get gas).

Cars like this (for now) are the future for the main stream.
Now if only Ford Australia could ship some left hand drive models down to Australia.
Tesla makes a very impressive car if you can afford it. A fully loaded Ford C-Max Energi costs about $40K while the Tesla Model S base price starts at $50K.
A $57,000 Tesla with a 265 mile range is worthless.
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