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Bill Gates says his kids are very happy with their Windows Phones:
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Of course they are, I'd be happy with any phone I never had to pay for too!
Is it just me? Or, does Bill look more and more like Stephen Hawking as he gets older?
His kids probably do not know who Apple is.  LOL
They didn't ask or were just too afraid of talking about that in front of the co-counder of Microsoft? LOL
Of course they are, or they are grounded. :)
Windows phone LOL  Come on BILL any *NIX based OS is 100% better from your Windows crap xD  $140 for the OS ? Linux , BSD are FREE and OSX is $20 so why people are paying $140 for WINBLOWZ ? Becuse they have no clue how to run *INX or install OSX on regular box xD
Windows Phones are lame.  The WP apps don't come close to Android and iphone. I bought a WP when they first came out and the phone itself and the OS was very good, but apps stink bad.
those poor children....
I bet they would love an ipad!!
Not if they want the car keys or their allowance they won't haha... 
This picture reminds me of Stephen Hawking. Separated at birth? 
Never noticed it before but he does resemble SH. He's looking older than me now. You can't see me know but I was out of college and working a real job when this 195 in my picture was new.

Oh. BG never said they hadn't asked for Android? But then pretty much my family is split Android-Windows based on our kids' employers.
Now you're poisoning my vocabulary. I'm bound to say that in mixed company. iCrap! 
Samsung Note II. AWESOME !!!
When will our world make up for all the time we wasted using MS products?  Google is helping to accelerate that process.

#unmicrosoft  our World!
If my dad owned Sony I wouldn't ask for an x-box.
If he owned Ford I wouldn't ask for a Chevy.
Doesn't mean they are good products. It means I'm a good son.
A man in his position has to say stuff like that, he has a reputation to keep. I wanna thank for your philanthropic work to tackle malaria. 
They probably get slapped in the face if they say they like Apple
they are smart only stupid people use apple products.
I remember my latest Sony MP3 player, it was about 2006 and they used Atrac Only format, everything needed to be converter to atrac, everything. Huge library in a horribly designed UI, lots of ID3 tag issues etc.... and that crap played everything on such a low volume.... guess what, iPod was better and if there was not Windows Media Player, which is now kinda good for syncing music, i would not consider buing everything else than iPod... but why change what is working, right?
Well here's an interesting question that Bill Gates maybe asking himself.......

" Oh why oh why did I ever bailout Apple when there were already going under and in the grave. "

I believe that's given him nightmares and Its finally come back and bit him in the ass!

They had 50 billion or so reasons not to ask for Apple products
They probably asked granny apple. Hahaha...
Yea none of you'll has a billionaire dad so you'll would say stuff like that 
If my dad was a billionaire I won't care about using Windows products
If your dad was a billionaire due to the direct result of Microsoft Empire yes you would. And of course if you say otherwise you're just plain liar.
I think Whether it's Bill Gates, or Steve Jobs kids and I'm talking about anyones kids in daddy's Billionaire fund will feel obligated to say that they like there dads phone, or OS better! I don't like Apple or Windows, l like Linux. Ubuntu is the best OS! :-)
Would rather have a Linux-based Ubuntu phone. Heck with Microsoft.
Omg I can't wait until that comes out! My 2 best companies Google & Ubuntu! 
I use Ubuntu on my laptop deleted that memory hogging windows 7.
That is because they probably remember how much they were beaten when they asked for a Playstation 2.
Ok, I believe, as the kids of Bill, they should be able to maintain a strong image of Microsoft, no matter they like it or not.
Because both suck! They are secretly admiring ubuntu/linux hoping one day they will have it but are afraid of dad!
Kelly Chungu- Maybe Bill's kids are using Linux/Ubuntu but they put a Windows theme on it! Hahaha-lol:-)
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