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Curiosity has collected about a tablespoon of powdered Martian rock for testing:
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Yes! Now we can do the martian powder tablespoon challenge!
After the substance is crushed, curiosity will then snort it to test for purity. 
I think it's just brilliant that after only 5 decades in space, humans are sending craft that far, remote controlling everything from another planet, doing the tests and relaying the data. Cudos to the geeks and scientists everywhere who worked on it.

So after almost 6 months being on Mars its going to test rock? Send humans to Mars for God sake.
+Yaser Farid you cant just fly to mars and start looking for megatron... you gotta work your way up from rocks and stuff. 
+robert richburg You could, but it would cost a lot more in dollars and maybe lives. This is the easy, cheap way to do things...I mean cost effective.
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