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A new patent filing suggests Apple wants to make a network out of physical objects so you can keep track of your things
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excellent,where do i sign up
Apple: overpriced crap for stupid people :D
What an ignorant thing to say - even if you do add a :D
Nope. I prefer to let Google do that.
-1 dislike. 1 more useless feature from crAPPLE
+D. Brown Never an isheep. They should pay the human that they are going to make profits from so one knows to opt out. Some dude could be data mining my kids kidney for future profits.
I think it could be used for some really cool stuff. Think of how many cool things have come about because of location aware smartphones?

My problem with it is that since it's Apple, they'll demand that everything in the network be an Apple product or service. Oh you want us to track your shoes? Better have iShoes...
P.S. iSHoes only come in size 10, and don't have confusing things like laces, and if you want to wear non iSocks you have to put them on on top of your iSocks... But it's a PREMIUM Experience. 
This reminds me of Facebook collecting Facial Recognition Data. 
+Simon Whight Google is an advertising company first and foremost. Maybe people have forgotten that. I haven't. But Google takes these data mining projects, (including Android), and makes them incredibly useful. I love Google Now.

Apple is primarily a tech company that has used taking secretly a number of times.

So consider a company tracking openly for advertising and a company tracking for who knows what exactly, who do you trust more?
Apple seeking a patent to patent patenting so any and all future patent-seeking potential patenters will be required to get approval from Apple before patenting their potential product. 
Thats niCe.
Lets see what happens. 
Apples way of trying to take over the world with overpriced crap! Move on to open source! 
Well Ubuntu is coming soon to a smartphone near you so you might not have to wait long 
and another bull shit patent just one of the reasons i hate apple 
+Simon Whight that right SAMSUNG filed the 2nd most patients in 2012 Sony made the top 10 but nobody believes that cuss they think apple is the only one doing it 
Getting rid of my iphone, and craptastic AT&T, getting Verizon and the Note 2. 
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