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Microsoft's Surface isn’t the only Windows tablet you’re likely to see in October. Here's our first take on the Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2:
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i mean let's face it, the SO interface is uggly and boring, anybody saying otherwise, i dont know what's their problem, the zune was a failure because the tiles interface was fucking ugly
That's not Windows mobile, that's it's bastard cousin, Windows 8. I've been using 8 for several months now (development and pre-release editions), and I can say this. A LOT of users are not going to like it. Most people that have had access to this have been way less than happy with it. Lots of issues that will have to be corrected before it's projected release in late October (U.S. release). Other than that issue, you can't go wrong with Lenovo.
Windows Desperate Monopoly Edition

Omar= biggest iSheep I've seen in the universe.
LOL couldn't be more wrong man, not a Apple fan at all, i better cut my balls off instead of being a crapple fan
Using windows 8 from past few months , its amazing , i dont know y ppl bloggers are against it , its same windows 7 except the start screen , there is no reason y some one likes windows 7 and hate windows 8 , infact u get more than that in terms of hardware acceleration etc . huh bloggers and haters , havent even tried , just keep on sayng, the apps are very nice , and the store is expanding .

They will download , use it but say bad things abt it and wts funny Windows 8 is yet to be released :P :P 
+Omar F Rodriguez Morales I've met a lot of people of love the Retro look of windows mobile, I'm and android guy though. You should learn to understand that everyone has a personal preference about what they want their device to look like.
Windows Mobile whats that :P :P
Just a moment to share some of the issues with Win 8 that I, and other developers / testers have run into. I personally have had issues with various anti-virus programs not working correctly, Adobe Photoshop has been hit or miss. I've heard from other developers that I-Tunes is not working correctly. This package is supposed to ship in late October (U.S.) Sorry to say this, but I believe that the first wave of purchasers is likely to become the next wave of beta testers for this product.
RE, M-Soft. I'm sorry to say that I don't trust M-Soft any longer. I don't know how many full time techs read these posts, but I've serviced comps for nearly 20 years now. The biggest Win issues I have to address right now are failed Vista installations. They just outright croak, with no possibilty to be fixed. Other techs and I noticed this issue shortly before the release of Win 7. I now have to replace Vista installs on a daily basis. While I will admit to liking Win 7, other techs and I believe M-Soft pulled a sneaky bastard move by poisoning Vista installs, so that you'd be forced to upgrade. (and if you wonder about Vista issues, Google ''Vista failures'', and see what comes up)
+Dirk Dodson  +Scott Baker : Using photoshop and itunes 

LOL which problem , lol 

+Dirk Dodson : u r rite , feels like flying wid windows 8 :D :D

And no need of antivirus as Microsft Security Essentials aka Windows Defender comes integrated :D :D

So pls , stop sayng bullshit !! !!
+Scott Baker : They have done testing via 

Developer Preview
Consumer Preview
Release Preview
And now Final . 

Since nothing is perfect so isnt windows8 but its far far batter than windows 7 in evrythng and let the real thing come out , den review it :) 

Thank you ! !
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