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Can Nintendo TVii succeed where Google TV has failed?
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Sure why couldn't a $300 console that's five years old not succeed against a list of $100-$150 dedicated boxes?
I don't think it will be hard. I'm a die hard Google user. Chrome, Android, Own a Nexus 7, have used Chrome OS builds on my laptop. But Google TV stinks. It's complex in a way TV shouldn't be. The Vizio CoStar was not nearly as useful or effective as a less-expensive Roku. 
Curious to know how Google TV is complex? I've always found it to be fairly straight forward.
I was impressed with the presentation, i hope it worked as promised
No one is going to pay $300 for a better remote control.

Their gaming lineup, which consists of a lot of ports of games already available elsewhere, is thin on exclusives (Nintendos forte) and not particularly impressive.  I see mediocre to poor sales for the Wii U at that price point after the initial novelty wears off.
+Justin Adams It's complex in comparison to Roku. For example Roku has a very nice Amazon Video application. With Google TV, you get the web interface which is not complicated in an I-can't-figure-it-out way but a "I don't want to deal with the desktop interface with my remote control" kind of way.
I want my...
I want my...
I want my Gtv!
+Pete Mazzaccaro The +Google TV has a lot of room from improvements but I don't think complexity is the main problem: speed, lack of apps, lack of content are the firsts problems +Google need to fix.
Fair enough. I've never used a Roku so I don't really know how it compares. 
+Wayne Moyer Curious if you are being overly sarcastic... The Wii U is not 5 years old. It hasn't even been released yet.
I really wish that Sony had released the Playstation TV adapter in the US.  I was really excited to use it. 
Nintendo needs to leave the gimmicks alone and focus on gaming. The Wii was unique and successful at the time but now it collects dust in most homes while people are still playing their xBox and PS3 consoles. 
+Mathieu Méa thanks for your feedback. The team is constantly working on bringing more features and updates to Google TV. Stay tuned for more updates. -Kevin
+Mathieu Méa I think that's a better way to put it. I was really disappointed. So-caled channel partners like PBS and CNN don't really deliver well over the Chrome browser. I get much better performance from the Nexus 7. I'd get better Chrome and YouTube experiences if I just popped the HDMI cable into my laptop. Dedicated apps would improve that.
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