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CNET UK have given the PowerShot G1 X their Editors' Choice award. Could it be the king of Canon's point-and-shoot cameras?
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yeah. and shallow depth of field and no-Macro makes it useless to me. I sold mine.
+Muamer Mujević when you say shallow depth of field, do you mean lots of stuff in focus, or only a tiny bit in focus? And the no-macro is a tradeoff of the large sensor and small lens marriage, a bit sad I agree.
Hi +Roma Khudoleyev . I mean G1 X cant blur the background well. The background objects are just slightly blured but clearly visible. And you cant get real depth of field. You know what really bothers me? That this camera costs like x2 Olympus E-pl1 cameras but lacks macro and depth of field. Something that people use a lot but cant get on Gx1.
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