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An Interpol sweep has resulted in the arrest of 25 suspected 'Anonymous' members.
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Damn... I was hoping they would take out Facebook BEFORE they got busted
Can't arrest an idea.
"if a head is cut off, two more will take its place"
I wonder who is supposed to feel safer after this bust... I find it hard to believe that this small bust makes any noticeable dent into the anonymous "organization".I find it even harder to believe that any analyst would pay any less attention to the anonymous because of this bust.

I believe it more likely that this is supposed to teach the masses that they can get caught for learning about and trying to stop the government and mega-corporations from limiting prosperity for human-kind worldwide.

Most people should realize that a statement from an anonymous person is not any less true today than when it was written in August, '11.

“Anonymous is not an organization; that requires hierarchy, leadership and — most importantly — organization.”
something tells me interpol's website will be down tomorrow
i'm guessing the cia is going to want to have a word with those guys
"Members" lol. That's cute, the media still thinks this 'Anonymous' thing is some sort of club, gang, or group. Anonymous is simply an ideal.

Oh, and +Ed Raines the Interpol site is down right now haha.
I guess a better way to say it would be "Interpol sweep nets 25 individuals suspected of being involved in 'Anonymous' cyber-attacks." Anonymous isn't really a defined organization. There is no internet mafia.
Dang straight! I get annoyed whenever I hear anything to do with Anonymous' "movements"... They're nothing more than wannabe hackers that seem to only know how to perform DDoS attacks.
Why doesn't +Anonymous channel their skills to achieve something useful? Like human rights or world poverty?
Lol. Fight for human rights? ... have you read a single article about anonymous...
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