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I use Zedge, but I have several different ringtones for different contacts as well as different text message notifications per person too. I love it
My ringtone is the Steve Vai guitar intro to God Gave Rock & Roll To You II from Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey. My text notification is the level-up sound effect from Skyrim.
+Travis Stywall You're not alone, I prefer a generic phone ring and refuse to have music alert me when someone is calling.
Edit: Matter of fact, I don't even like when people call me. Send me a text, send me an e-mail. And if it's really important, send me 2 texts.
Couple of Rammstein ringtones and Mattafix made using Audacity. Navy, Army, Stars & Stripes and some tv themes borrowed from a mobile carrier site using FF Amazing Media Browser add-on, then converted back using BeeThink.
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