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Is this the future of mobile tickets?
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Samsung's smartphones have NFC, just few day ago they made an agreement with VISA, now they've released it's own Wallet. I think it may really work in a year or two.
I'm actually surprised this feature wasn't in Jellybean. 
People who use iPhones should know, if you don't already, that iPhones are made by Samsung 
Passbook only supported in US... So waste of time. Samsung are good at bringing these products global. 
Zeus G
well as long as my tickets dont get lost.
The good thing is it can only accelerate passbook adoption rate. But AT LEAST Samsung should design the icon a bit more differently than Passbook. Apparently they too lazy to do that. 
I'm agree with mark hurley. Samsung bring most of their apps global and that is a good competitive adavantange in the market
Well that isn't going to be confusing for anyone using Google Wallet
+Leeseng Vang Do it! My first pure Google was the Galaxy Nexus, and will continue to go pure Google moving forward. The phones are good, and get the sweet updates as soon as they come out. Plus, I'm no longer locked into carrier crap, and I have Tmobile which after calling them up, discovered they have a a 'bring your own device' contract plan that is cheaper than if you bought a subsidized phone through them, however it's still a 1 or 2 year contract.

I won't be going back to a non pure Google phone.
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