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The Samsung Galaxy Muse is taking on the iPod Shuffle. What do you think?
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first, it looks ugly in my opinion, second, company Creative Technology able to sue this because it's looks like their zen mp3...
I don't think it will go very far maybe as far as pricing but overall function the apple products are more simple (iTunes ) Samsung what ? ( windows media player) (file explorer)? Come on lol
Good price point for what it does. With Apple's offerings you need to pay at least 4 times that much to do the same thing. Not bad, Samsung. Not bad.
Having options is great so yeah bring on more diversity.
Its different, just gonna wait and see what happens. 
I'm looking for a way to get rid of my Apple iPod Nano (8 GB). This might be a great alternative for me. I don't know how people can walk around with their iPods or Zunes while working out. This would be perfect for me.
I tried looking for it on samsungs website but its not listed. Anyone has the direct link to the device?
+Javier Barberena a smart phone is not an option for everyone. A good one will cost upwards of $400. With this device you can buy a decent media player as a gift without forking out so much money. 
Here is a good you for that can use it to level out a crocked table foot!
Funny how you chose Korea +Ray B . I was thinking more Japan, but thats good too. I also like the design. It definitely looks flawless and looks like a perfect partner for the Galaxy line smartphones. Having said that, im sure people will talk to me letting me know that i have a rock on my shirt, lol. I want one.
I like how +Rahil Sharma knows for a fact that iPod shuffle is better than this just by looking at it. Not because he he is an actual user that has had the opportunity to compare the two and their feature differences.

I liked it until I saw it only gets "up to 6 hours playback"- what's with that- won't even last a day and then what?!
who listens to music for more than 6 hours straight without any breaks? Get real, +Rob McLaren

...and then you plug it into a charger. That's what.
at that price point? you're kidding
I do all the time +Gabriel Ayala at work- especially around smartasses
You're like the 0.001% of Samsung's target audience +Rob McLaren
This device is not for everyone.
We will have to assume that you work in a place without electrical outlets, not a normal 8 hour shift, you krazy glue your ear buds on the regular, and you have to listen to music non-stop throughout the day.
My SG3 has longer playback and you're right in your assumption- it's called outdoors- should try it sometime +Gabriel Ayala 
Looks like a pebble. 
Will it come with a whole 4 gb's of storage??? Haha, I'll stick with my 80 gb s3.
Some people... they never bother to read anything (I'm looking at you +Lemony Crunch ) and just comment stupidities to try and seem like they're smarter than everyone else, then fail miserably.
What's with Samsung and nature ? Although I like this player 
Or I can use what I always have, whats that thing again....... oh yea my phone
I think it looks visually appealing and price wise its stellar. But it lacks being able to connect to my s3 with Bluetooth. But overall I think its not bad.
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