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The Maingear Nomad 17 delivers for serious gaming, although the look may not be for everyone. Check out our review:
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Desktop Replacement Laptops aren't going to go with you anywhere anyway.  Why not just get a full on Desktop?  Want the best of both worlds?  Build a LAN party box! for 1500 bucks for what you'd get a 2500 dollar laptop for!
2,000? Where in Mexico? The idea is that new technologies cause the typical household price to fall.... This a DVD player for $625.50! And it's not even an i creation... The going rate for an average dual core 64 with 2 gb ram and a 15.6" led two years old is 200$ around here- nowhere, nc...
I wonder if price is affected by geographic location.... No no one here would have a laptop if they cost this much....(remember the mid 2 late 90's).
Processing speed and storage cap. has plateaued.... Pos terminals have been touchscreen in every Outback for a decade... What is so cool about this realistically million $marketing and promotion aside??? It's a laptop..with the new and far less capable OS by, well... One of the largest branded marketing companies in the world- Microsoft....
Question: where is it manufactured, this laptop I mean? 
If some1 is really serious about games they buy xbox, ps or wii not a laptop.. for this price u can buy 3 units of ps3
Well if you want to get very technical, serious gamers have a serious gaming PC.
No seriously if you really wanna get technical a supercomputer, and forget all about PCs laptops desktops gaming systems, a super computer is where its at for gaming both off and online.

LOL :-P 
Why are there so many confused people when it comes to Windows 8? I have been gaming on Windows 8 Pro for like 2 weeks now on my gaming is it less capable I have yet to find one thing I can't do in 8 that I could in 7? I think maybe people should stop taking everyones word or opinion and find facts for themselves.
In my opinion for serious gaming desktop is the best. They cost less and above all you can upgrade it later. Technology is changing so fast that a gaming laptop would not be of any good after a year 
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