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The Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2 looks great and runs all day. Check out our review:
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Is it me, or did this company come out of nowhere?
I remember seeing a Lenovo with that old IBM Thinkpad 'trackball'.  
Lenovo is the Chinese entity that bought IBM's laptops, tablets and desktops. They have had it for nearly a decade. One may argue that IBM invented the tablets. There are pros and cons to a Windows tablet but the Atom CPU is too slow. Only will consider tablets with 256 gig Ssd and running Windows 8 professional. Otherwise, not worth the change
First glance at the pic..looked like a VHS Cassette. LoL
I agree with Bob about Microsoft views of his.
Rick T
I'm sick and tired of Microsoft changed their software around.  Office was pretty much the same way up to 2007.  Office 2010 changed so much on the look that make people don't know how to do some basic tasks such page setup, print, etc.  Now they try to mess things up with Windows.  I played with Windows 8 a little on a laptop in a store.  I don't even know how to get into SysConfige.  Come on, that's too much of a change for no reason.  Bring in something new, not just rearrange the same old stuffs and confusing the good old users.
I agree. I'm staying with Windows 7.  I don't need to keep up with the Jones's.I'm happy now.
I have nothing against MS.  I even suppor their changing of Windows 8...mainly because of how many bloggers and "experts" kept ridiculing MS for not "innovating" or "evolving".  Now they do and everyone is angry they changed things up.

However, after the burn I felt with the first ThinkPad Tablet, I'm reluctant to try #2.  My Android tablet worked beautifully and Lenovo did a good job, but I felt personally burned when they just abandoned it after ONE YEAR and didn't even offer any kind of a buyback or something.
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