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If you want to beat Android, try, try Tizen again. Hands-on with the operating system backed by Samsung and Intel:
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+CNET Doesn't sound like Android is being threatened any time soon.
I look forward to more competition to keep all of the players on their feet and honest 
Hey why not push bada while they're at it. Oh yeah because it's another failed under performing OS. Everyone is jealous that Google is making money from their services when they should just be appreciative that they're giving away an OS that has the most potential and has made these manufacturers, especially Samsung, into real players in the mobile market. Without android Apples iOS would've taken over the world and everyone else would still be making Palm's and other failed phones. This greed will be the downfall of these companies and it make me glad that Google bought Motorola. 
Seems like a bad copy of crappy Android.
Tizen, Ubuntu, and FirefoxOS? So what's next? Oracle jumps into the game with JavaOS?
Tizen OS »
In an early demo of Tizen OS on a Samsung phone, the new OS looks a lot like Android -- and is clearly a long way from prime time.
I think the Ubuntu OS is intriguing, but Tizen and Firefox OS seem ill fated.
This is a hedge against the lawsuits attacking android and the manufacturers. 
If they put alot, and I mean a lot of work into it they could make it a seprete division so that means they have android,tizen and windows on there devices giving them a wide range of consumers 
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