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The iPad Mini Retina rumors are already starting. Check out this week's Apple Byte:
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Would people be pissed off if they release a Retina version before Xmas? YES! 
Carl Sims
Of course the retina version is coming. Gotta keep shearing the sheep. 
I'd buy one if it had A6, retina and mini size 
iPad Mini had record sales? A fool and their money...
Apple rip off .... why not make the thing in the first place ...... lol
Nothing quite like the Apple rumour mill for the weekend ;-)
No one ever said mini had a record sale. They said they have sold 3 million iPads. (including iPad2-4,mini)
Apple is moving to an increasing rate of product releases. Bad for my wallet! :) 
iMac going arm would be a huge mistake. I want a powerful CPU and could care less about power consumption on a desktop. Intel is still ahead in this regard. 
The Apple Mini 2 will probably have that HD that most high-end "tiny" Android phones come with these days...
why did they not make it with retina display in the first place?...
so they can make money from saying it's an 'upgrade'
Was thinking about this, but I think I'll get the nexus 7 3g. Better specs for less money. 
reason why people like apple is that dere product stay fresh 4 longer period than other's.... and this is hurting dere trust.... 
Android just outclassed iOS, no need for fency and expensive devices anymore.
If you notice the earliest rumors aren't really rumors, they're actually a list of things the "amazing" iDevice should have had. Sigh... 
google should get a Nexus 7 with samsung's best of the world display. (Super PLS)
just got android 4.2 on Nexus 7, and it is smoother, easier to use, and just plain better than ios. The Nexus 7 is the best choice if you want to get a 7 inch tablet. Oh yeah, its also $130 cheaper than the iPad mini. If you want a good, powerful (Tegra 3 quad-core) 7 inch tablet, get the Nexus 7.
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