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Would you like some see-through plastic with your smartphone?
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A transparent phone with a battery life shorter than my 2 year old nephew's attention span? Thanks, but no thanks.
please no. i went through so much pain when I was a kid trying to decide between the clear and smoked pager. 
and then they went and introduced see through fucking blue. gtfo 
I don't see the point. Low constrast on the screen that's also distracted by objects in the background. Plus finger prints on both sides of the glass. And what happens when the back of the phone gets scratched ...?

Screens that activate on car windscreens and shop windows: yes, good idea. Clear smartphone: not smart at all IMO.
Transparent smart phone just like my bank account.can't wait.
seems to be the CPU-less phone as well.
How awkward would it be getting a naughty picture when you're with family? Privacy and protection level: 0. 
Seems like one of those ideas that would be great for those developing it and no use to everyone else. 
I'm finding little to no reason to be excited about this.
No see through plastic for me thanks.
I don't understand the purpose or utility of a clear smartphone.
WHY do I need transparent phone??????  For that matter, WHO needs a transparent phone?
I think I need a good stiff drink.seems like they have nothing else to do with there time.
Reminds me of the Australian government.transparent spending

I hope it's sturdy. Putting a case or cover on it would cancel out the "see through" part. Doesn't look like it will survive being dropped more than once.
I still don't understand why transparent phones are a big deal.

Transparent screens on windows? OK. HUD's for cars? Excellent. See-through phones? Why?
Oh hell no. I would lose that in a heart beat
What I'd like to see was an actual demo and not just two pieces of acrylic stuck together with a couple of watch batteries and a micro SD card.
Phones are becoming smaller, lighter
On some previous posts about such proposed devices, people noted they would rather see phones in hands, like in Sci-Fi movies. Well, make this flexible, you could affix it to your hand, and then you could pretend to be praying while talking on the phone, or the term "talk to the hand" could acquire a new meaning.
I cannot think of a use case where this would be beneficial at all...
I'm just going to get a piece of clear plastic cut in the shape of a phone and go to my local coffee shop and make sure everyone sees me talking into it. That way I get all of the street cred without having to actually buy the stupid phone.
I dont think so....
How can it be transparent it has so much in it like the batteries and chips......
Iam good with the current smartphones...;)
I can't even use the one I have now with a 5" screen....
If Google search can find it then why not since I'm sure I will put it somewhere in the house and never find it again !!
hay que ser super bobo para creerce que se va q ver la imagen al otro lado. ustedes creen que ellos no pensaron eso??? ya esa tecnologia esta perfeccionada hace tiempo.
anybody else see the coming "freakout" with this tech once people realize everyone will be able to see what they're looking at?
No way whats he holding but it possible ...
What exactly is the point of this? Who would pay the ridiculous price for it? Wait... Maybe the phones of the future are already here!
This isn't real. It's not a mobile phone concept, let alone a prototype. It's two pieces of acrylic with a holographic 0 and 1 etched on it. It's not a display, transparent or otherwise, and by the looks of it they've taken the innards of one of those musical greetings cards and shoved them in their too. 
im callin bullshit on this one if they was a fact they would be further along on development than a prototype proof of concept and what about privacy  i dont want people seein what im doin on my phone how that going to solve that issue.

personaly i think this concept if it ever does hit the market will be DOA just like the 3d displays on phones
What practical purpose does a transparent phone serve?
It's not even a phone. When he moves it about you can see the the numbers 1 and 0 which look like the holograms on children's toys. What connects the memory card, what connects the camera?
When he supposedly turned it on what happened that wasn't happening before it was "turned on"?
This is someone's idea of a joke. Pathetic to think they think we'd be taken in by this.
Also, when was the last time a cell phone was powered by watch batteries?!!!
Most awesome shit I've seen other than in the movie Real Steel
i think there will be a huge market, just because of the fact that it looks cool, and feels like you're living in star trek. i can't wait, it'll make a good companion to my soon-to-become-mine google glasses
Good idea but why would you want everyone to see what your doing???
Its a step not really need in the smart phone world because the kinks aren't going to be out at all so give it a year of testing then we will see 
i guess u got a point matt, but i dont have anything to hide, so,.... ya
Great! ..I'm gonna go out and buy two of them, and then throw both of em in the trash...that's about how much sense that makes? 
I can't see the reason why? Pepsi Clear didn't make it either.
+elijah ford You're crazy... read the rest of the comments why they should NOT make a clear phone; and YOU tell us why a tranparent phone is a  good idea! 
I was so hyped up about seeing a clear iphone... and then I wondered, "Why would I buy this piece of electronic glass, apart from the fact that it looks awesome?"
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