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Do you use your smart phone as your primary camera?
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will be interesting to see what route +Google will take with the camera's on the Nexus devices. Things like the Galaxy Note (5.5, 7 and 10") are already great platforms for the more advanced snapper and provide an interesting opportunity with the stylus. Allthough i doubt the nexus line will include a stylus anytime soon
It's all about the glass, yo. 
went browsing yesterday for the Nexus4 at the tmo store... they had it but it doesnt look like ill be getting around that $300 price tag. i wonder if i should just wait to see what google i/o brings
Unfortunately yes because I'm not disciplined enough to keep my real camera on me.
The software on that camera is very nice
i don't have the patience for real photography, i just need my camera phone to be better than my current one, quick enough to snap some impromptu pics/video and good enough for looking at later on the computer...  
Fuck. Hope my n4 isn't obsolete in 2 months
I've never owned a dedicated camera and camera phones have always been my only photography equipment.  Okay, so I've got a tablet with a camera and webcams in my laptops, but they don't count!
Are you guys still going to buy smart phones when Google Glass comes out
Well I hate to disappoint you guys. Any photograph will agree. A digital compact camera is not yet in the bracket of a digital mirror reflex camera. Nothing beats a lens of nickon/canon/Olympus for professional use. Instagram shooters be my guest
I don't think anyone expects a phone camera to be as good as a dSLR +steven baks but better optics & sensors in phones will always be a selling point.  It's the reason I continue to use Sony phones.

On that note, the next Nexus 4 won't be the amazing camera they tout it to be if it doesn't have a dedicated camera button.  Another reason I'm still with Sony (and won't be upgrading to the Xperia Z)
+Jon Mason we'll have to, im betting the google glass optimizes bluetooth 4.0 or nfc and requires a tethered phone to do most of the heavy data work. 
+James Field you know what I meant ;) but some people must be reminded once in a while the limits if these smartphones. And yes the Sony physical shutter...that is to bad that Apple and Samsung primed the screen touch gimmicks
No. In the 2.5 years I've owned my phone, I've taken 450 pictures. Mostly to skip writing something down. Only about half are actual picture that I've transferred to my computer to save. On my last vacation to Italy,  I took 1200 pictures in 2 weeks with my real camera. It's not a DSLR, but software and lenses still make it far superior to a phone camera.
+Jay Cloidt has just reminded me of another reason I like my camera to be included in my phone - no need to 'transfer' the images anywhere.  I take a picture, go to my computer and post it to Google+.  No wires.  Very little time delay.  Very convenient.
We doubt many good photographers would do so!
Yep, the photo quality of my phone must be comparatively better.
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