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Asus Fonepad is a cheap 7" tablet that makes calls. But does Asus beat its own Nexus 7? Check out our hands-on:
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that's asus developers foe u
I have been waiting for a tablet that has a phone since the 7in tablets came out. I have a Note 2. I want a bigger screen and make and receive calls.

How about the new Sony experia z 8. It has calling features too.
Not really a Sony fan when it comes to smartphones and tablets
I have the Note 2 also. I think it's good enough. 7" screen phone is much too big as a phone. There's no way you're going to be able to use that with 1 hand. Fonepad is a no go for me.
I like this idea and I hope someone makes a 17.3" tablet with it.
I say this every time I speak about wanting a bigger device than my Note 2. Even said it before my Note 2. Is this big size for everyone? No. Is it right for me? Yes. A lot of people say that it's to big. No one will want it. The same was said about the Note and Note 2. Well I am one of those people that welcome a 7in or 8in tablet that can make and receive phone calls. I hear that the Note 8 will do that. I no longer say smartphone. My Note 2 is a portable computer that makes phone calls. I no longer see these devices as phones. They are way beyond being a phone. The way I use my device, the phone is an added bonus. Just incase I need it its there. I mostly text and Facebook message. I use the phone part very rarely. I have no problem holding my Note 2 up to my face for a call. It feels better that a smaller device. I don't have to worry about if I have the speaker to my ear. The microphone won't be to far from my mouth. Remember your house phone, but most don't have a house phone anymore. The earpiece and microphone were the perfect distance. I get that back with a larger device. 
Just did an experiment. Held my Note 2 up to a telephone receiver. I placed ear piece to ear piece and microphone to microphone. The same distance. So is a regular desk phone hand set to big for you. 
I can imagine how the meeting where they came up with the name went:

"OK, this new phone is a complete 180 degrees from our last one, the PadFone. What do we call it?"

"Uhh, how about the FonePad?"

ASUS definitely set the standard for the cheap 7" tablet market. I'd imagine it would be pretty easy to beat the Nexus 7. 
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