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Which smart phone has the best camera? We've pitted the Samsung Galaxy S3, iPhone 4S, HTC One X and the Xperia S against one another to find out.
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4S, One X, GS3, Xperia and I'm and Android user btw
The iPhone without a doubt. Even people with Android phones always say that the iPhone has a better camera.
+Google Daily you're not gonna tell me Apple, which doesn't develop or produce camera in any way, get their hands on a camera developed by another company, and some how puts a piece of software on it and magically improves it? camera IS about hardware, it's about good lens and sensors.
that's not my point,I mean both of them are very important,I think we can't just own that to Sony +Jerome A. F
+Google Daily +Jerome A. F in that case, its Sony. But the question is which phone has the best camera, not who has made the best camera. So it remains the iPhone (even though they've not made the camera).
Had a Iphone. My new android phone blows it away. Will never go back to my old iphone.
4s camera is impressive and I think it pushed other manufactors to rethink their cameras. I have the EVO LTE now and im impressed with the quality over other android phones. I just have not yet decided if it beats the 4s.
Regardless of camera quality, I wonder how many people think their smartphone camera is made better by the Apps? For instance, I use Camera+ when taking pictures on my iPhone 4. Anybody else think the apps make a difference?
+Ravin Sampat I have a friend who owns an iphone4s and he uses a 3rd party camera app and he was complaining about his pictures looking grainy. Then I told him to use the ios app and he was amazed at the difference. So yes. I think the app can make a difference. But ultimately its going to depend on your hardware.
Software does matter. My old SGS1 without flash takes better indoor, lowlight, and nite scenes than my current SGS2 with flash. I think, by using flash, the software dumb itself down by setting standard exposure, aperture, and shutter speed, rather than adjusting to the scene. SGS2's included programmed scenes & white balance modes never really match to reality, so I ended up using basic mode mostly. :-(

It seems that SGS3 has improved flash mode. Hopefully, lowlight and nite modes are also better.

One shooting mode that is reliable is panoramic; amazed all my friend with iPhones. :-)
It looks like megapixels doesn´t mean everything, and I mean for the sony xperia S
IPhone 4s is the clear winner (I own a Nexus)
I own both EVO LTE and iPhone4s and I have taken many shots. The iPhone4s is not the clear winner.
The iPhone 4s takes great photos, but the phone speed can't keep up. I was taking pictures of fireworks on new years day with my galaxy S2 with my friend and I snapped 3 photos in the time it took him to take 1. And mine came out pretty freakin awesome. So shutter speed can make or break a camera too. Overall, I wouldn't say iPhone has the best of anything.
The hardware on the Samsung Flagship phones are superior but they do wear out quite quickly. I had my S2 for about 6 months and its been suffering from over heating lately and that's making the screen flicker lately

Las comparativas que concluyen diciendo "todos son buenos", o "ninguno es mejor que el otro", o "para tal cosa éste, pero para tal otra entonces este otro" siempre me terminan sabiendo a poco...

He hecho análisis de laboratorio tecnológico por años y un buen protocolo de comparativa es diseñar una tabla de puntajes en la que los propios lectores (en definitiva, los destinatarios del artículo) puedan concluir qué aparato es el que mejor se aduecua a las necesidades.

Se me hace que este artículo, en definitiva, no ofrece ninguna ayuda de valor para quien debe tomar una decisión. Suenca como "música funcional" para sala de esperas en un consultorio.

Hands down Sony Xperia S. Apple is patting themselves on the back for making the iPhone better then the past iPhones, when all of their improvements have been already released in past Android and Windows phones. They made the new iPhone 5 a 1.2 GHz dual core? Android had dual core phones about a year or so ago and now has quad core phones. They made their screen 4 inches? Android has anywhere from 3 inches to 5.5 inches. iPhone made their camera 8 MP's? Android has 12 MP's. Who really cares about iPhone anymore.
^Same + Lumia 920 for these small competitors :D :D
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