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Compact megazooms, also known as travel zooms, are some of the most popular cameras on CNET. Here are the ones we've looked at so far along with last year's front runner, the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX9V, which is now available at a very good price.
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Why not just get a dslr or even a Sony A-Nex?
I've got the HX9V as well as a DSLR. The DSLR sits at home though as the travel zoom has one lens that does everything, is more compact, and has built in GPS...
Hm... doesn't the dslr get better pictures and faster?
I love this camera...Sony produces the best and most stylish cameras in the industry
A DSLR is also a bit of a pain when you have to quickly change lenses in the field.... I panic about the dust. DSLR quality is unbeaten for posed shots though, and where you have time to set things up properly.
Sony DSC-HX9V got me into a Great Hobby, with Google TV & laptop, which makes it a Great combo!
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