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The Asus PadFone Infinity smartphone/tablet combo delivers on specs but doesn't come cheap. Check out our hands-on:
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Looks awesome, I just hope the bezels aren't too thick therefore making the phone unusable..

+buster brojeni , I also did not understand how a bezel could make the phone unusable, this seemed like a very good question to ask. Perhaps there is something that I have not considered and I honestly  hope that +Joe Owen will expound on that thought.    I also wondered what "That's stupid" added to the conversation.  Perhaps there is something that I have not considered and I honestly hope that you will attempt to expound on that thought.
I admit, that post wasn't worded brilliantly. What I meant to say is that it may not be unusable as such, but personally my S3 is borderline too big and a so a 5 inch screen would seem ridiculous to me unless the bezels were smaller to help it fit in the hand. Basic ergonomics: 5 inches (heck, even 4.8 inches) of screen is too much for one handed use so I (again, personal opinion) will not buy a phone with a screen bigger than 5 inches. Hope that answers your questions +Mark Blankenship and +buster brojeni 
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like its punch to tablet/phone war
+Joe Owen , I completely understand!  Thank you (honestly) for taking the time to explain.  I had similar concerns when I purchased my larger phone and ultimately it does depend on the size or your hand, the phone, what's comfortable for you and I'm sure several other things I haven't even considered.  I assumed that you knew what you meant :)   I am trying to change the way I perceive things by ignoring any confusion caused by the words people choose, especially when I feel like I might understand better if I ask some clarifying questions.  Thanks again! 
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