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A startup has created a physical keyboard for touch-screen devices that appears when you need to type and disappears when you're done. Watch:
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It's gotta be said, this is really impressive
Samsung this is a great opportunity to buy this company to differentiate your products from the rest of the smartphone world. 
This is the future for sure. That's amazing . phenomenal even. 
Software keyboards are cheaper, and they work just as well.
CNET is actually pretty late to cover this story, Android Authority did it months ago.
good idea for the blind
The Future is a sensible floating screens & keyboard for our touch that's without any physically elements been use to created, but in the near future it can be just a customable sensible layout on top of the screen without any visible elements.
I like how she says, "Like, if you're watching a DVD......." yep. The future is now. 
After seeing the potential I bet Apple will try to acquire Tactus like everything else that currently makes up their ecosystem.
+Logan Kraus I would be concerned about the integrity of the material over time. Also I don't think I want raised keys on my phone. I like using swipe... Can't use swipe on this.
+Ryan Van de Wetering that's a valid concern, though it sounds like the company is working to make it pretty durable. I'm with you on the swype keyboard, but some people (for whatever reason) don't care for it. There's definitely a market for this, but I agree there are some hurdles
I know plenty of people who hate touch screens. I'm sure there's a decent sized market for this, only because there is a practical use. Some people just won't want to give up a physical keyboard.
Doesn't seem like a good idea, I could be wrong tho... 
Definitely a good idea. Sure, not everyone would like it, but there's a market that would love to have a physical keyboard on today's modern phones. 
+Ryan Van de Wetering the market for this is pretty obvious. You don't need to sacrifice screen size or thinness for a physical keyboard anymore, which means, aside from being able to type without looking, the phone also becomes a practical remote for all sorts of devices.

I would assume you could turn the feature on or off as well, so Swype wouldn't be an problem. I'm assuming for those who love Swype it just wouldn't be a make or break feature.

3D TVs, on the other hand, have no practical benefit and, at this point, there's only been one movie released that actually features 3D as more than just a gimmick. 
Strikingly impressive, it does look like it switches on and off swiftly.
It looks like the whole screen presses down in the video. Odd. 
This will be nice i wonder which tech company will buy this 
Put this on the SG4 or the Note 3....please..... 
Good idea, but if you drop, bye bye keyboard!
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