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If you simply must have the longest zoom in the room, the Canon PowerShot SX50 HS satisfies:
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Great camera.  Bought one for my daughter for Xmas and it's perfect.  Shoots raw as well!
In my dreams, we'r doing our best right now with three kids to get something like this to expand my photography skills everybody claims i have & maybe make a little $$$ 4 my family, 1day we'l c. "Smiles"
+Anthony Ries you won't expand your photography skills with this (unless the best you've got right now is an iPhone) and you certainly won't make any money with it.

It's just a basic compact with a big zoom on it, it won't take professional quality photos. The only reason a pro would have such a big zoom is for sports photography and some specialised nature and photo journalism work...none of which this camera would be fast enough for. Not even close. 

If the photography skills everybody claims you have stem from a few Instagram shots then yeah get this but just don't give up the day job yet.
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