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Google is making a strategic effort to bring wearable computing into the mainstream:
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Glass = Good idea
(will early adopt)

New Chrome book = bad idea
(have a phone instead)

Do Not Want wearable computers.

Like I need more shit in my face distracting me.
Won't early adopt glasses, I have a phone with google now and maps
+Michael Costa 

Don't plan on it smart ass. It's stupid technology for the average consumer. Only an idiot nerd who wants to be Geordi La Forge from Star Trek would want this for day to day life.

Is my phone now considered a tricorder?

I want a phaser. Now that's technology I can get behind.
+Robert Martin. You're wrong. Well partly. I'd love a cool ass visor like Geordie's. this is a new segment in consumer electronics. Or will be.
Just like "who needs a cell phone, only nerds that want tricorders."

This is going to revolutionize the human computer interface as well as augmented reality. I feel sorry for you. You'll be missing out. 
vanity and marketing...yep, they just want to be known for their goo goo googley I's
Wow, and I thought they were just talking about tech, not excrement and hygiene....aren't we understanding and lovable? geez.....
Like a guy wearing a mask is normal?
Yeah, I walk around all day in it too.

Oh yay. to save an unsuspecting public from what unknown perils? :)  Why don't these guys just have it like on watch wrist band or on secret decoder ring instead? Like driving, there aren't enough blind spots?
With good apps this could improve driving actually. Well maybe not gen 1
+Gail Smith 

This is my point. Wearing computers that put images right in your face are going to inherently distract people. They will be more focused on the information than what they are doing, and people will have more accidents as a result.

This type of technology has great applications in fields like space exploration and the military and I'm sure a bunch of other things I'm not thinking about. It's practical application in the real world is minimal to none. Great for pilots perhaps, but the average moron schmoe that doesn't know to go when the light turns green doesn't need this - and that's the majority of the people out there unfortunately.
No +Michael Costa 

Cars need to self drive.

Human pilots suck.

They get distracted. They get drunk. They aren't that bright. Most stink.

Putting more crap in their face right next to their eye is not going to help.
Do you know what all a pilot has to learn? At least military's an engineering field all its own.....They must be very
When we lose the human factor, we lose the humane factors...for none
of it means anything without the human side of good
business, quality relationships..and machines are only as good as the
engineers and/or programmers and operators behind them.....

On 2/21/13, Gail Smith <****@**> wrote:
> Do you know what all a pilot has to learn? At least military
>'s an engineering field all its own.....They must be very
> bright.
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