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Giving a TV as a present? Here are the best under $1,000:
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+Marc-Olivier Hétu Did you not see "under" right before $1,000? 
And yes, some of us do give expensive gifts to that one or two special people. 
Hey, +CNET . Yeah, how about being a little more sensitive during these tough economic times. You should maybe considered  "Best big-screen  TVs under $100", not $1,000. 

Did +CNET mislead you in any way? People just love to complain. 
+Beto Aguirre You should probably read more attentively what people write. I wrote sarcastically "Cause everybody gives 1000$ presents". The article refers to a tv costing 948$. My argument is that 948$ or 1000$ is still really expensive for a gift. I never said that anything was misleading.

Now please, do us all a favour and return arguing on Facebook, people love having retarded argumentations over there.
Haha. I was going to tell you to take your whiney self back there myself. So please, set the example and return.
Wait, maybe you're being sarcastic right now too. Because we know how obvious sarcasm is over text. 
I think you understood the first time that I was being sarcastic looking at your first response to my first comment. What's your point?
I always have suspects for underpriced products... more before Xmas.
Well they cost like their size. 
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