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This week on Apple Byte: The iWatch, of course:
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Interesting. I don't wear a watch BECAUSE I can look at my smartphone for the time. Irony?
+Jeffrey Chatman exactly. If I need an advanced functional device, I have my smartphone always close with me. And here, screen size matters to me. My wrist watch on the other side is an emotional accessory, a piece of jewelry. I don't wear any rings or other stuff, just my watch.
Who even wants this? I'd buy a real watch if I wanted an expensive watch, not some digital bullshit.
I think googles will be better. If I can't talk into it while driving as my phones in my pocket than its crap. 
The way I see it, wrist watches filled a gap in the market ie, you couldn't carry your carriage clock around with you so someone made it smaller and put it on your body. But, I haven't worn a watch in years simply because my carriage clock (and computer, music player, radio, tv, sat nav, phone book et al) are in my pocket. I understand people have a passion for wrist watches but that's a separate thing, as +Alex Reusch mentions above.

This feels like Apple looking for something else to re-invent, and I'm not sure they're on to a winner.
+Dave O'Keeffe yes, that's what I wanted to explain. The meaning (use case) of wrist watches has changed completely over the last decade. That's why people who don't share the passion for mechanical wrist watches normally don't wear any, because they have their digital gadgets in the pocket.
The +Pebble is a great product that doesn't try to do too much. I find a place for both of these kinds of watches and other mechanical ones. 
They keep trying for some overpriced product. Why not build a cheap fashionable watch with some siri/Bluetooth technology that acts as an accessory to a smartphone, it's likely they will sell a lot more.
Rick T
While Google is developing glasses, Apple is developing a watch. LOL.
that would make it better than the compettitiion
Brian!!! ♡♡♡
Joe Tee
you really don't yet know what it is so shut up about it!!
C'mon this is just a useless gimmick...a watch is a watch...facebook on your: tv,tablet, phone,computer,now just that bit much. I can understand tablets and phones with that much options cause one is more portable than the other. But a phone fits in your pocket, some even walk with a phone and a MP3 player(iPod touch or galaxy player), than a snartwatch? Is it really not too much?
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