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The WD TV Play is a Roku alternative for media hoarders. Check out our review:
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The turn off for me would be the lack of Amazon Instant. That's how I keep up with most of my network tv. The price is right and I do like the  dimensions of the box though.
I like it a lot.  Better than the Roku for me in that it will play my DVR TV shows plus my movies.  Amazon would make it perfect though.
Dang. Just bought a Roku and this seems like it would meet my needs better.
Needs Amazon Instant and MLB!
I just bought a $99 WDTV live. What is the difference between that and this? Why is the play so much cheaper?
With Airplay you can now stream HBO GO and Crackle to Apple TV.  Plus the Apple TV has full access to your iTunes library.  The WD TV Play adds nothing over the last generation of WD TV live plus streaming box.
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