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Mailbox for iOS is what mobile e-mail should have always been. Check out our review:
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If gmail simply added these snooze options this would become pretty pointless. I could see that happening.
Plus, Is there more than just the app? I need to be able to use email in places where I don't have my phone. 
674k in front of me...can't wait to have a go at it.
Hey +CNET how can we trust this is ACTUALLY what mobile email should have always been, or is it the second best, to a business that does a better job while conflicting with your parent company's legal team?...
meh. looks ok. It's clean and simple but i don't know what the all fuss is about. A waiting list??? Really?
Come on man you are tempting me to buy an iphone again....
+J Ventura Iam thinking of buying an ipod touch instead cuz I want to keep android also both the os have thier own benefits like the apps on app store are more cool than google play and love the widgets on android...
Sure I saw this today in the app store? Besides +Shaun Nicholson you think Gmail had said function thanks to sparrow? 
+Don Felipe no android has been sticking the swipe to remove gesture all over the android ui for a long time. 
Why is it only for GMail? Buyer beware.
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