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I'm reminded every day just how shitty the future is in movies like Blade Runner and how awesome the real future is going to be.
This reminds me of the "Normal" episode of spongebob
It sounds grim today, but this is where our food simply must go. There are few alternatives, especially for meat consumption. Mmm, bioprinted burgers...
depends how unhealthy it is honestly, i wouldnt put myself past it thought haha.
That doesn't sound very filling! 
This is the future Star Trek Replicator... Right before our eyes...
+Austin Harrison Pretty insane, isn't it?

I'm writing a sci-fi novel right now that's set a few centuries in the future and I'm having trouble devising fictional technologies that we aren't already on the verge of creating. I don't know how the fucking science fiction writers will get work in a hundred years. We'll have everything by then!
Wow, can you post the the first chapter somewhere?
+Scott Jones I know what you mean. Personally, I think the next big step will be nano technology or exponential advancements in prosthetic limbs/sight/etc. that field has immense areas in which it could be developed.

Pretty awesome to watch it all unfold. 
+Austin Harrison I tell my mom about some of this stuff, like the gesture controls(also sight recognition controls, .etc) that computers will be using in the next few years and she thinks I'm making it up. Then my kids tell her the same and we show her the videos on YouTube and she can't believe it.

The vast majority of the public have no clue the kinds of stuff that are coming out because they don't follow tech sites, but it's an extremely exciting time to be alive.
I already saw this being done with molecular gastronomy they are printing out chocolate desserts with a block of plastic that contains all the ingridients needed like vanilla milk and other stuff
Well it depends, can I hold off on the pickles????
I'd eat a 3D-printed burger if a 3D-printed robot served it to me... and then did the robot for my amusement as I ate the burger.
NO ... I want my meat previously alive. I want to take a spear go to someones farm and hunt my burgers down like a normal american lol ... 
That should not ever be made. That's just nasty
I wonder how long it'd take to make, I can't wait 20 minutes for my burger I'm already starving!! 
I take the make  burger look so, hungury.
If it's safe, I'd eat it. More than likely wouldn't replace the satisfaction of eating a real beef burger, though.
Recycled food good for you and good for the environment
This smacks of Clarke's 3rd law: "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." What concerns me is where they source the protein. Soylent Green investment opportunity?        
Dude... a Big-Mac printer in my kitchen? I want one !!!!
Doesn't McDonald's already do that? 
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