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Does it matter,really,i mean warren buffet says he spends his days playing poker with bill gates and they are both gonna donate most of their wealth leaving some to the children,so it matters if steve ballmer loses it anyways.
+goldy chhatwal I'm still surprised Gates is only leaving $10 million to each kid; seems cheeky to leave just that when he's worth billions. 
I'll run Microsoft for 15 mill.
+Joel Bantly Well i'd say there are a lot of kids looking to be adopted.Why does Brangelina have to do all the work?
I still refuse to "upgrade" to windows 8. win7 to me holds up like a champ and carries the right tools I need for my PC use. 
What fabulous hind-sight this man has.  I wonder if he has changed his position on the Internet?

"The Internet? We are not interested in it"
-- Bill Gates, 1993
Of course, windows didn't get overly shit till 8
Maybe he is right...
Its making almost the same mistake (very limited) that apple did(though Its pretty cool and you can change everything in your phone after jailbreak but still you have to wait for a jailbreak)
Yes, of course I agree.

He should go back to work.
Yeah let windows 9 rise as a powerful windows 7 based OS and throw windows 8 in the bin, or Microsoft is gonna go in 20 years...
+James myth maybe you are right or maybe they should introduce a new os which is comfortable for touch and desktops equally...
Like in windows 8 you feel like it would be better in touch...
how about innovating on . . . returning the money to all the consumers of your overpriced and underperforming products?
The surface is four years to late.and phones suck....
Rick T
There is so much you can add to an OS. Win8 doesn't add any new features except changing the look. This makes ppl have to learn it again. Same thing they did for Office 2010. That really p.o. lots of ppl.
The Windows phones are horrible, why would anyone want them. Windows 8 isn't looking too hot either 
People all know what to say after something has already been concluded.
whenever something negative comes up about Windows, people suddenly become expert tech analysts....
As big of an A-hole Bill Gates really was back then, he is right that Microsoft is losing it's innovation luster.
+Joel Bantly actually I think that is enough money. You've educated your kids with the best schools that money can buy.  Make them work for their own money.  These other people don't get that opportunity
 and re recognizes it.
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