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How Microsoft's Surface Pro stacks up against the competition:
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lol this comparison is awful. Sorry guys, I just don't take you seriously anymore after what CBS did to you at CES...But this comparison is still awful.
does it run chrome or a good webkit browser? The only upside i see is access to the file system in a portable presentable touchscreen thats got windows. I have been using an HP touchsmart ( 1920 x 1080 23 inch ) for years and its fine, runs win 7 etc, but i get the feeling the market for touching anything in windows is a grey hair experience even with a dashboard layer on top.
+Jeff Johnson it is a Windows OS. You can check what Windows 8 supports... You may gat tired after looking at millions of applications. 
From the Android/iOS section: "Weaknesses: Not considered productivity tools by most, limited to app store software"

Then why do I see the vast majority of management types dumping their laptops in favour of an iPad?  Not having one myself, I can't comment on the apps/functionality there, but it must exist.

Likewise on the Android front; I use my Transformer for practically everything at work!

I also know of no such restriction with regard to app store software, as I've installed apps from Google Play, Amazon, a handful of other stores, and also apps that I have downloaded from web sites & fora.

Sorry chaps, I like CNET, but I can't take this article seriously.
C/net only give apple shit good reviews.
+James Field first of all it depends on what kind of work your do. If you are Blogger or management guy and only care about emails and texts then I believe any low cost tablet is enough for you. But as a programmer working on a android /ios based tablets is like a nightmare. Practically impossible. 
I agree +Asfakul Islam, it completely depends on what you're going to use it for and other circumstances personal to you.  One thing I would offer though (being an Android advocate who also uses Linux on his computers) is that Ubuntu for Android has the potential to give you the missing factors...
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