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The latest analyst guesswork puts a potential iTV announcement just around the corner in March:
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God bless the lands of great, admired and brilliant innovations! The world has more to learn from the blessed USA!
Why would any sane person want to shell out $3000 for a tv just because it has a Apple logo on it?
Seriously! This the new version would be out soon.
LOL at the remote.  You get 1 button...ON.  You watch what apple wants you to watch.
naw just got a 55' Lg smart tv. Couldn't be happier!!!
itv is already owned by other companies. They'll have to go for something like
Agree. Apple is Greedy. BTW Can I get a review for LastEnd Blackjack.
So apple launches the iTv, samsung copies and apple becomes evil. 
Man, I will look for the podcasts on my Roku.
Although Apple TVs may have high, yet not useful, resolutions like 2560x1440,  it will probably be 3x the price of other good TVs, and their customer service may be lacking.
If I recall correctly, the name "iTV" was patented by another company. (Elgato maybe, I don't remember) That's also why the Apple TV couldn't be launched with the name iTV in its debut.
+wayne coleman
They cut a block of solid aluminum until they have a shape, which contains ~15% of the whole block. That means you have to pay for the block itself, instead of the part that you are given.
Apple TV: Does not support HDMI or BLU-Ray
Since Apple mobile phone has been beaten by samsung, it seems, "apple wants to take revenge" on samsung by making TV device...let's see.. ;)

Hmmmm ... I believe, make a premium washing machine is the company next move.
Thanks for the warning... Nothing Apple for me!!!
To late to enter the TV market. Then again people would buy Westinghouse TV with a Apple logo on it. Why would anyone pay X amount of money for the same technology you'll probably find in the $99 AppleTV? Don't think Siri in a HDTV would be good either or worth the money. She can barely give good directions on Maps so how do you think she will function as a TV main feature? 
Apple TV will be perfect to ....... buy more media content on iTunes Store :o) thats' it...... you will not be allowed to store your own media on it, it will only compatible with Quicktime video.... and so on
Perfect for the iSheep to watch exactly what Crapple wants them to watch. 
Begging your pardon, but could you refresh my memory: does SDK stand for software development kit and if so, what specific tools will be available for developers (presumably at least some post of graphics / windowing api and some kind of hal) to make new software for their glorious Appley masters?
Not for me. They will ask me to buy Mac and iPhones and apples flash drive to work with it. Make an account on iTunes to buy music. Quicktime to watch movies. I am not gonna spend money on something that won't work with products I like and works with products that manufacturers seems fit.
QuickTime is free for Windows and Macintosh.  So is iTunes.

As for the trouble to 'make an account', you did it here in order to write a comment in the first place, so what is the big deal?

Hundreds or more accessories are made by manufacturers to fit with the portable iTunes player, iPod and its phone/computing counterparts, iPhone and iPad.

I do not see the problems you are saying that you feel exist.
Apple has had an extremely inexpensive AppleTV product for watching TV shows and movies, listening to music, etc. on your HDTV set out for half a decade.  Analysts continue to forget to mention that.,2817,2400946,00.asp

While they are doing that, they obsess over the fact that Apple does not make a television set, while ignoring you can go out and buy an inexpensive little device (EyeTV) from El Gato that plugs into your Mac's USB port and gives it a TV receiver, turning it into a big television set.

The EyeTV also provides a way to monitor record your TV shows using a schedule you set up and maintain.  That lets you record shows that air when you are asleep or away instead of missing them.  It is far easy to use than VCRs.  It not only makes your Mac into a TV but a DVR as well.

You use this device through a Macintosh application that comes with it.  They also make an iOS application available for playing back the shows and watching the live TV on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.
+John Collins I know that. But I don't like to use them. I like VLC and Zune and spider. I have an account for downloading music from a different service. I don't like to scatter my preferences. May be you are ok with using it, but am not. I don't like iPhones or iPads. Very limited functionality. Why should Apple ask me to buy iPhone or Mac to work with their TV? Yes, there are lots of accessories for other phones too. They use standards and which is good. My device won't become obsolete just because they changed their connector whimsically. Once they had the chance to use micro USB which is standard and ironically, supported by Apple on International forums. My friend bought a dock before he bought iPhone 5. Think about the money wasted. All of my devices / docks / accessories play well with each other, irrespective of the fact that they are from different manufacturers unlike Apple products. So, A BIG NO. My opinion. You are happy with their products. Feel free to buy them. Its your money.
Let the disruption begin.
+Paul Smith-Keitley I know that.  I mentioned the El Gato TV receiver device in my comment; does sort of the opposite of Apple TV.  

I tried some TV receiver devices for Windows.  More work.  Involved circuit boards, higher cost, became incompatible as soon as new version of Windows came out so they were quickly obsolete. And they were kind of pricy.

However, the Apple device is only $99 which is less than the price of grinding down a dozen horsemeat-or-whatever meals at your favorite burger joint.

A friend has one and totally loves it.  He has been an enthusiastic owner/user of one for a couple of years.
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