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Eric Schmidt is cashing out $2.51 billion of stock:
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With his recent trips to Asia, I'm guessing he ready to start investing in some new companies overseas, now if I can find out what companies, I may invest to!
Maybe he's buying a third world nation.
Time to corner the market on Pokemon cards ... ;-[p
Ceo sells out huh, nothing new there, carry on peeps. 
ubik q
Maybe he's got an expensive divorce to pay off.
Google, Apple, and other tech stocks are over valued.

Plus, the purposeful and continued devaluation of the US dollar and Euro is not looking good either.

He's hedging against a steep market decline in his portfolio asset mix.
How I wish I knew about stocks! 
He may buy some this is their season google is the past for profits
He could bang a different Thai hooker every day for the rest of his life with $2.51 billion and still have some money left over to buy groceries.
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