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Apple is said to be eyeing new display tech for the next iPhone:
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I wouldnt be surprised if it were an AMOLED display, of course they would re-write history so they invented it
Typical Apple. They spread a rumor, make people anxious about the new peoduct then add the word: Imaginary as a descriptiom for their product. I like their products great looks but I hate the way they market for things.
Samsung is stupid I realized that after I got nexus 4.

Anyways problem is not with Apple phones, they make seriously best phone but IOS is stale... Its actually boring now.
That's because at this point in technology, the phone doesn't matter... I have iEVERYTHING but decided not to upgrade to the iPhone 5... Instead, I went with a Windows Phone and have been disappointed... Not because the phone does not excite me but the fact that I'm missing 5 major apps that existed on IOS that I'm ready to go back to my old device...
Google+, CNBC, ThinkorSwim, Remote Potato, Xfinity and Splashtop Remote

I'm mostly interested in official vendor apps... In actualality, four of the above apps were free and Remote Potato and Splashtop Remote cost between $0.99 and $2.99
+Garry Williams
It's funny you called Samsung the worst... I'm currently using a 2009 MacBookPro but have a Samsung i7 Series 7 something, that is  brand new but when I turn on the device, I turn it back off and go back to my dual-core MacBook... And the reason is not because I'm a super fan of the MAC, the Samsung just doesn't do anything for me, so go figure.
+Yaser Farid first off, Samsung didn't make the nexus 4, GOOGLE & LG did. And iPhones are fragile, they have small screens, they are way too expensive, they are too contained with their user experience and much more, I'm not hating on apple, just know that it can't be the best when there are phones that doesn't have any of these problems out there, especially the nexus 4
Note 2,S3 and iphone 5 is what im using for my cellphone line up 
Too little too late Apple! You have been dethroned.
I'll stick with my Galaxy S3! I really don't care for Apple's interface, it's too restrictive! I like being in control of my device!
+Yaser Farid First off is an idiomatic expression, it is correctly used.

And I didn't mention anything about macbooks..

I'm not trying to start an argument, I want you to see the point, iPhones are not better than the nexus 4 or most Samsung phones such as SG s3 and SG note 2 in any way at this point in time. You can't deny that without proof, there are more android users in the world than any other OS and at least a quarter of them use Samsung or Google made nexus devices..
+Jong Park let me explain it to you what I meant as I find you are unable to understand it without help.

I had Galaxy Nexus (Made by Samsung) it was okay as far as Android is concerned, I just bought Nexus 4(Made by LG) and its much better as a phone.

I hope I made it clear to you what I meant, now please leave my back and troll someone else.
Will it make Safari any snappier? 
Comparing the Gnexus, an 18 month old phone, to the N4, about a 6 month old phone is quite a jump. Obviously the N4 is a big step up. The real comparison and difference needs to be made between the OS playing field. The jump from Android Gingerbread to ICS and Jellybean was dramatic and ground breaking. Going from the iOS version running on the the IPhone 4 to IOS 6 was boring and much less innovative. 
+Robert Miller When GNexus came out iPhone 4S had amazing camera, which for some reason actually sucked on GNexus, screen was horrible Super AMOLED might be good but share blue LED was seriously a problem, this was something Samsung really pushed for no reason even though screen technology that could have all pixels were available, battery consumption on GNexus display use to be my 60% of battery used and phone seemed cheap with plastic and horrible battery cover.

I don't think these things are newly invented, I'm not comparing RAM or processor because I agree as days go by technology improves.
+Yaser Farid I agree battery life and camera quality are certainly the two main weak spots on my one year old g-nexus that I am actually typing this reply with. At least it has a removable battery which is a plus. I can make it through most of the day of heavy use on 2 of the 3 batteries I carry with me. I am not due an upgrade on my 2 year agreement until September. At this point, the Nexus 4 would most likely be the phone I would get but by Sept. there will likely be a new model like the Nexus 5 etc.
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