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The iPhone 5 beat the Galaxy S3 as the top selling smartphone in the 4th quarter

Here's our review of the iPhone 5: Here's our review of the Galaxy S3:
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lol..I'm sure the impending release of the Galaxy S4 has nothing to do with that o_O
there are sheep on both sides
Are those stats about shipped or actual sales?
+Chris Johnson i hate the responses that say "who cares just use what's best for you". I don't get what people mean when they say that... we all choose the phone that works best for us and comparing your phone to the competition helps people determine what phone would be best for them.
This isn't really that surprising.  Anyone who wanted an S3 would have already bought it by then, since it's been out for, what?  Almost a year by then?  Compared to the iPhone 5 which was new that quarter.
Oh, I'm definitely not a fanboy. Just found it funny that a big deal is being made out of sales of a device that has been out for awhile now.
+Sherwyn Gonsalves not saying its wrong but just the source made me lol

Also if you do the math +CNET  table says they sold 33.4 Million units (iPhone 5: 33.4 Million, iPhone 4S: 33.6 Million)

....holy shit thats a lot of phones
Just means people had no idea what they were buying. They should follow up with how many IPHONES were returned. I know of four people that returned theres and went to android based phones. 
+Justin Oroz I'd rather be a complainer than a journalist that scrambles to save the reputation of a company every chance it gets.
Am i reading the table right? I see total sale for iphone 5 for two quarters is 33.4 mil (6+27.4) and then total sale for s3 for two quarter is also 33.4 mil (18+15.4)? ummm.. what? they sold exact number of units ..
It's pretty amazing to me how people read an Apple slant into coverage of 4th quarter smartphone sales. Sometimes numbers are just numbers. And then we report them.
- +Nathan Bransford 
Fanboys will never understand that people should buy what they want and what works for them .
lol the headline should be both apple (iphone 5) and samsung (s3) sold surprisingly exact number of units in 2012  :P

Or Galaxy S3 beat iPhone 5 in 3rd quarter and iPhone 5 came back on 4th quarter and beat Galaxy s3 haha
+Anthony Raffini , you do realize these are just numbers, right?  Would you rather them make something up and deny the iPhone sales in the 4th quarter?
+Leslie Johnson problem with your statement is most people don't know what they want and what works best for them. 
+Anthony Raffini I was referring to you going on about how biased they are.  Regardless of your level of stratification for the numbers, you seem to take an odd amount of offensive to CNET's reporting of them. 
Well, one thing that has worked with the large font bold headline, about the fact that IPHONE outsold the S3 based on a report from one company over the holidays, is that it has done what most headlines do, bring traffic to website. 
+Logan Kraus actually my first comment was against Samsung when I said that the "waiting for the next phone" excuse was the same excuse that iPhone users have. My anti-cnet statements are based on the constant drivel they spew everyday, not this particular article (which I also mentioned previously).
+Anthony Raffini what do you mean? People can compare phones in the store and decide if they want to pay for it or not. Im more than sure most people choose what they want, and not what people want them to have. Btw who made the decision for you? Was it you or the sales person?
+Leslie Johnson myself of course but I didn't just touch phones to make the decision. I researched, debated things with people, and over the years I took advice and dismissed some. If it weren't for apple fans I wouldn't know about x feature that their phones have that mine does not. Case and point... I've helped convince people to purchase phones in the past that they wouldn't have had my valid opinions not been brought to their attention. A decision ultimately will be decided on a multitude of variables and influence is one if those variables.
Its one android phone. Together they are crushing apple. Android is a community. 
+CNET well the only sensationalist or "bold" part of this post is perhaps the mention of the galaxy s3. Although, to be fair; the roles were precisely reversed with articles about sales in quarter 3. The singling out of the gs3 only indicates (not that you'd admit it) that you feel that its now the phone to beat. That's why so many articles and reviews everywhere would mention the iPhone even if it was android article. 
I don't see much iPhone users.In each class of mine there are at least 3 S3 users. Occasionally I see some iphones but not like last year or the year before that. Everyone seems to be obsessed with Samsung now. Its like samsung is the new apple and htc combined. 
+Anthony Raffini ok bro i really don't get your point, in the end people are "and should" buy what the want and what works for them. Of course do internet research and other research. 
+Leslie Johnson
 The VERY best advice that anyone can receive. Do your homework, research not just your item of choice, but similar products, then invest in the device that will be the best for YOU and your needs, not Joe Schmoes needs.

(I use a Nokia E71 because it does EXACTLY what I need it to)
+Leslie Johnson I don't see how you "don't get" my point. The main thing to take from what I said is that most people don't know what they need. Most people are uninformed or worse yet, misinformed about what's available. How is someone supposed to know what's best for them if they don't know enough about something. You got to research but there is bias everywhere... there is sometimes bias with sales people too... the salesperson might have their own preferences, their boss might have told them to attempt to sale more of one model than another for supply reasons.

I'm biased too but I don't claim to be a journalist... not to mention that CNET is a tech site that seems to try to represent itself as a neutral tech source. I would expect iMore or Apple Insider to favor Apple but not CNET, Engadget or The Verge.
Yeah, last quarter it was Samsung. Samsung sells, then Apple sells. It's just trading sales numbers for the month. Both are still neck and neck in sales, and will continue to do so.
+CNET there was nothing different about this post than any other post (Apple related or not). In fact this was a simpler post, but people will complain because they have their own opinion on which is better. Even though that really has nothing to do with the numbers.

But im sure you guys already know that.
Thanks for posting anyway
also notice the ridiculous comments, completely trying to bash Apple haha. Its sad really that it has gotten to this point
+Cole Longó really because i keep hearing competition fuels innovation. Is that gone now?
I agree that competition fuels innovation but I can't help but feel that what +Cole Longó says is true. Apple seems to be more innovative with marketing than their products.
they may not be that innovative anymore (debatable) but they are damn precise in what they create and stick to their vision. They make intricate and complicated technology usable for the masses.

which i think is the true innovation. But since their original phone, the competition has picked up on the idea (not saying it wasn't done before, just not in the particular way) and now its a tight race.

Apple has created this competition
your hipster fashion and Android hate isnt helping
Apple didn't created the competition. Apple popularized touch screen smart phones. It wasn't a competition until android showed up. 
Apple started the competition, just no one was around to partake, and they won by default. Until Android came around

=P +Anthony Raffini  Maybe not the best analogy i could use
How can you call it a competition until there is some... Competition?
well technically there was, all the old "dumbphones"
but they just tripped in the first round and got into the fetal position
am always happy if samsung get bit up- good job world
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