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Are you ready for Hotmail to go bye bye?
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What about Live? Is everything going to fall under the Outlook umbrella?
social in email.... aka gmail/google+ copy cats!
Microsoft should becareful about such migrations. It could be a move that leaves them, with less users then they have now.
Matt J
I've been using Hotmail for about 10 years now. Since 2008 Gmail has been my #1 email but I still checked Hotmail at least once a day. I love the new Outlook web-mail site but I find it strange that Microsoft would retire the nearly 20 year old Hotmail name. 
I thought MS had changed the name Hotmail to Live when XBox came out.
I agree with Matt Jordan. Hotmail is still a strong brand.
No, that was orginally a mobile based alternative to hotmail.
Atleast that what I thought, that was what I used it for.
I just used my Hotmail account information and it opened up in the new "Metro" interface just fine. There's no need to go create a new account as the article suggests, unless you just hate your address.
always confused about relation between, hotmail, live, bing and now outlook. I'm happy with gmail.
They're all the same LOL... but yes, I prefer Gmail too.
So anotherwords it just going be rebranded again.
I just made my two emails, even though I use gmail. I just gotta secure em all!
Thank you. It needed to end a long time ago.
LOL. Yeah. "Hot Spam" doesn't sound so good, huh?
what a shame, I was hopping I could switch back to it rather than having to use when I have no new emails on Gmail :/
Just tried it and have to admit, it's a big improvement
hotmail and live email are intergrated and will auto convert.
Between my instant text messages, my G+ Account, Facebook, twitter etc. the only mail I get anymore on my hotmail account is adds to meet a local slut, I just won an I-pad, I could save thousands on insurance, and my mom's weekly re-post of some lame cat or dog, It will be tough but I think I can live without Hotmail lol
yea, I started a live email because it intergartes with Microsoft Office and OneNote which I use hourly. I can send a direct email from OneNote, also I can access my website using LiveWriter and linked to my wordpress website. Then there is also SkyDrive.  All of this is linked thorugh my email too. Really comes in handy. 
Microsoft is. Loosing ground first cell phones. Out of touch with consumers needs wants.
I had hotmail when it first came out, it's a shame I will be lossing my very first email account.
And the world still turns... shocking...
Hmm.. A change for the better? Take notes Facebook
I have lost my HoTMaiL acc. Bye bye Hotmail.
it should be goodbye to hotmail and welcome to outlook XD
Tech is no different than any other industry, i'm sure back in the day you had people who would never buy a horse and buggy is just fine with me, well that is ok for them it's just not keeping up with the rest of the world...adapt or get left behind, not real complicated...
People seem to think that Microsoft only does stupid stuff, but that's really not true. It's just that Microsoft seems to do everything in slow motion, somehow.
I don't mind mind to say Good bye Hotmail. I have one hotmail account but didn't find any pleasure to use. 
Been a hotmail person since 96'-b4 dat Netscape (remember that). Just checked, it routes to hotmail.
When I need to find a penis enlargement cream or "hot sluts in my area" , I check my good ol' Hotmail account.
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So long hotmail, don't let the door hit your ass on the way out.
I miss my old sister every day
Oh, so they are bringing their virus, trojan laden piece of crap email program to the web... oh yeah, I can see how this is going to go. Smell that? That stench in the new scent from Microsoft all their products are dipped in: Stench Of Balmer
The article says the following about "There's a new, clean look and it ties in your social media contacts. It's not too far off from what you may be used to already in Gmail"  So hey +Jake Weisz maybe Google should take a page from Apple's book and sue Microsoft lol
+Dale Brunner Google's got too much class to do frivolous lawsuits for dubious reasons. ;)
They should have just rebranded it CoolMail, problem solved.
I would tend to agree with that +Jake Weisz I was just imagining what Apple would do if it had created gmail first. ;-)
Web Outlook rocks!  Why did it take so long for Microsoft to figure this out????
Hotmail also has kind of a stupid name, considering that the internet is mostly porn.
If it wasn't for G+, I wouldn't have known about  So, thanks G+ and CNET for keeping me informed!
Ok so I linked my fb account to it,, and tried to see about 2 factor authentication, if it is there it is hidden,, but the page would not load.... It failed my 5 min test... gmail still wins.
but its being used for my Windows Mobile, xbox live and Skydrive authentication. And Hotmail is my cloud for storing contacts. Let me know well in advance before u close it or do anything with hotmail.
I set up an outlook account and it is pretty nice - at least that was until the captcha thingo started asking me to prove I was human and then not recognising my input.... MS say this is due to unprecidented deman, I think it is because I can be pretty inhuman somethimes
I wanna keep it cuz it's been almost twenty yrs, never changed the password. My first email... dont go -
Its like i have using GMail forever... :)
Wow, so glad I started to use gmail as my primary email service. Sayonara Hotmail.
I nabbed an address for the sake of it. I doubt I'll ever use it other than for Microsoft Partnership stuff.
is that like the dirka dirka secret agencies versino of Q?
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I have a hotmail account for my Xbox live sub. I wonder how this will affect my account...
"hotmail" is fried but then with the captcha situation I am wondering if outlook isnt much better????? Anyone?
Huzzah! Let's all acknowledge the aspects of ourselves that could stand to be discarded!
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too many email services... i think i just stick with one
Darn. :/ Actually a fan of hotmail. Its really not that bad.
Used hotmail to backup old phone and files, schedules etc, and email on the go. Updated to a new phone that doesn't use windows so use it les and less. Still use it every now in then to sync excel files and microsoft docs and emails between home computer/laptop and outside networks.
Now I'm going to have to make new business cards..... Damn....
Hotmail was sold way too cheap (400 Mio.$), so no wonder they no longer want it...
No I'm ready to see CNET go bye bye.
Good bye Hotmail, hello Outlook.
Once you have an established email service with a name you like, or your name, it is very difficult to force yourself to change. Yes, I still use hotmail.
When would be the day for Fakebook? It's victim UBS would think twice before taking the word of Goldman Sachs ($100 Billions value).
Hotmail is outdated anyway...
I am hoping Google would not pull this STUN on us in the near future.
I kind of like the new metro look, and it doesn't really affect anything. I didn't have to create a new account, so I don't really get why it's such a big fuss xD. 
So glad i switched to gmail... Much better service. is Microsoft's answer to new world.
Nobody still using Hotmail as mail client, it was but now NO
I'd tell M$ to go back to finding ways to cheat stupid people out of their money, accept that's Apple's job now.
Microsoft is playing catch up again, always a day late and a dollar..... well always a day late. I am off the band wagon!!
So now I'm going to need a new SPAM address?
I have an hotmail email for over 15 years and also an gmail for last 5. Why all the hate on microsoft, their is room for both. I rout my hotmail through my gmail account ant vise vr works for me depending what devise i am using. I see today ms haters and tomorrows google haters look the same the same.
Couldn't care less about hotmail living or dieing.
I gave up on hotmail the day the stopped offering POP access (6-10 years ago). Same deal with Yahoo mail too. Gmail FTW !! ;__; allmy stuff are in hotmail for so many years.. I cant throw it all away...
+Derek Davies
Yahoo still offers both POP3 and IMAP access. I'm lucky I never got on the shitty hotmail bandwagon and always stuck to Yahoo and Gmail.
I think its not only "modern email service" as Microsoft said. It looks like new social media service for me. They have not changed profile UI to metro design but those UIs contains more or less same information than g+ and facbook.
Like new outlook, But I like to use both interface
Microsoft is catching up creating a slick design and social integration.
I agree that Gmail is the best email ever
fantastic, accessed my hotmail, went into the options and changed my email adress with an outlook one, and ported all my hotmail email in a folder (which is synomim of spam) and now i have a new spam free email. really good! i just have to check on my xbox if it presents any issues with the new adress....will check when i get home tonight.
This is blatantly wrong. They aren't getting rid of hotmail at all. The services will run in tandem.

Why the hell can CNET never get anything right, and merely aim to sensationalize everything.. So pointless.
With facebook and their elegant tools in live along with Skype, Microsoft is almost everywhere in our social life!!
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This is the brilliant thinking that comes from MS these days.  Maybe they could incorporate myspace and mail out free cds.
have hotmail but it has sat stagnant for a long time.  And I really don't want my email to sync with facebook (((shudder))).  I also have Yahoo and turned that feature off.  
Hotmail servers won't go. They'll just turn every hotmail account into without losing data. But as it says, you'll have to get used to the new look eventually. (kinda like gmail)
Haha hot mail.. Hot once open a time....
What will happen to all the stored in information, does roll over into the new system?
I still use hotmail !! Don't wanna see it being taken out.
There is something big happening at Microsoft. There is a lot of reinvention going on.
Outlook is awesome....more fast and light was heavy and somewhat boring
Bye bye to hotmail was done ages ago. May be you are new to this email thingy.
but where is all my junkmail going to go? :(
Too many networks to keep up with everyone, make 1 and make it awesome!
This is stupid and will bite Microsoft in the ass.
Hotmail,mailcity,lycos and other
I use Hotmail for my other email address's.  I don't even have a Hotmail email address.
Paul SC
Its now Coldmail.
You can still keep your Hotmail account, just new subscribers will get addresses. 
I have one Hotmail, 4 Live mail, 4 Gmail and 1 yahoo accounts. Yeah it's overkill.
Hotmail is a dinosaur.  They are just trying to rebrand it to keep it alive, doesn't mean it is anything different.  No features really that Gmail doesn't have. .outlook?  /fail
I have had hotmail for 10 years now, it was my first e-mail and primary e-mail account, siff siff, good bey.
Going to misses my hotmail acct yeah..
i used to have a hotmail account when hotmail was its own company and ran on unix.  (um, before MS bought it.)
I had a hotmail account many years ago. It will take a lot more than just switching the name to get people back. The support for hotmail was non-existent as well. forget it.
Ed Boik
I'm about to lose all my hipster cred!
I don't care. because I'm do not use that...
Joe S
what's hotmail?
Outlook express is not much better than Hotmail . I dislike Outlook express being the omnipresent for outgoing email on all the Microsoft window products since inception... and trying to remove it is a real pain in the tush   
I have a hotmail account, but rarely use it. Is it converting over, or would I set up new outlook account?
+Edward Schultz   drop both and get Gmail   I have had a Gmail account for years and never regretted it Although my ISP  gave me an
account I rarely use it except for when I give out my address to get information and don't want to clutter up my inbox in Gmail
Yes but that only means the spammers will use Outlook and FB mail now. Sigh.....
I have used hotmail for many years and hate to see it go. I knew that there were many problems since they causing me problems. My brother, who helped to set up the nation's security has said all along '' anything that man creates has flaws, only God can make perfect things, wherefore anything that man makes can be broken.''
I dunno - just in case I'd re-register using your hotmail ID and then link outlook to hotmail (it might even do this automatically)
I've made the move over and once I got past a bizarre glitch with its captcha feature, all is great. Its slick, fast and has everything I need.
dang tiec. Toi con mot hom thu tren
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