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Dogs. Driving cars. Does it get any cooler than this?
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I'm a dog person, but WTF!?
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Sounds good to me Lassie... ’ol Yeller is cheaper than a DUI....

Now if i could teach that bitch to cook...
It's cool...but it is real?
What's next? Chimpanzees on a Segway?
very stongly I never saw befor, very good
The real problem that animals will never understand traffic.

And beside tha amusement factor what is the real point? Computer guided cars are coming in couple of years which ones can handle traffic speed limits etc.
Depends if you've been good to your dog. Imagine if he's been waiting to get his own back. 
On the bright side, they can't text and drive...yet.
at least it isn't a cat. i think we've all learned from toonces that they can't drive
They always wanted to be human ....
It must b a joke. I'm 25 years old nd i dnt knw 2 drive a car, bt a dog is being teachd..... wow, tecnolg gt magic. Lets hope if they'll get a chance 2 get any drivings licence. Keep doin it, people like 2 c sumthing new in this world.
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