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I hear they're going to do a big Myspace launch event, too! :-)
Hell no. What's a Blackberry? Bwhahahaha!!!!!
I'd lay a ten dollar bet that this date gets changed again
Nope.but for the sake of competition i really do hope their product is good, secure, and worthwhile.then the business/gov sectors can make use of these and in turn keep things competitive for us. Nothing wrong with BB, just late as hell to the game.
Before everyone wanted a bb now they dont even want it free, things have changed!!!
Wouldn't get the qwerty one but would consider touchscreen. BB used to be the best, so I'd consider it again if the product is good enough. 
Why? It's over for Blackberry, sorry
RIM won't be around come June to launch it.  Six more months???  Waaaaaay past due.  Dead.
I can finally replace my sidekick. Lol
The zombies on The Walking Dead have more life in them then Rim does these days.
C'mon BB you better woo me! Not saying I'ma get one, but my pops loves BB so lets hope for the best. ^.^
They're trying to get Blackberry Messenger just right.  Because, that's what everyone wants - a communication app that's not cross platform.
RIM stands for Ready In March Before obama leaves office in 2016, blackberry will be gone. Touch screen phones outsell qwerty phones
+Yale Doggolino nokia and blackberry are lacking so far behind, if cellphones was a car race, nokia and blackberry would be starting the cars after the race has begun
I could say something mean like the nineties called and want their qwerty back, but that would be cheap, so I'll just keep my swypey thoughts to myself.
Blackberry is late to this party and they still months before they relese? By that time apple and android would already move to the next great thing. Companies die from time to time. Just let it happen already.
How is Crackberry still in business? 
i will get on just to see if blackberry will finally step up to the plate.
Rudy M
We all say Helz no, but come on sheeple, you know that even an inferior product will sell well if it's marketed right.   #ipadmini  
Sorry R.I.M, three major OSs is enough. I suggest they use android, and customize it heavily to make it more bb like
I always loved my blackberry it was always dependable the thing that got me to switch was the lack of app support. But I would pay for a blackberry if it ran android.
I feel the same +Phillip Adcock that was one of my main reasons after 4years as Blackberry user.
Wow, was really looking forward to going back to Blackberry in January. Unfortunately, another delay has turned me away. There are a million touchscreen phones to choose from, I wanted the physical keyboard AND touchscreen from a blackberry. 
How about a landscape slider with that signature blackberry keyboard? I hope rim doesn't try and bring the torch back in some way. 
Not really. I do like BB but at the moment I am happy with my HTC One X and IPhone 4 S.
Nah, going to invest in a Palm Pilot instead.
Blackberry is dead. Long live Android.
I wonder if bb 10 will make light of day?
I'd take one over an iPhone but not my S3
Time to stick a fork in them and sell off all their patents
We will have to see what they have in place after so many years. 
The storm ruined BB and RIM for me. 
Washed 'em right out to sea.  They'be been treading water ever since.  
Of course! Blackberry for life!
Not interested, android is better
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