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Check out our first impressions of Dyson's fancy new faucet.
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Very cool apart from its a little useless if you ask me.   Lots of service stations have the Airblades in them, however introducing this tap means you now have an issue.

Lets say this bathroom has 4 sinks and 4 airblades, you were able to effectively have a nice rotation going.  4 people washing hands, 4 people drying.

Now, those 4 sinks have these taps.  You're not limited to 4 people at anyone time as the hand dryer is at the sink.

Solution?  Install more sinks, which is probably going to be more expensive that purchasing these taps in the first place.  What happens? Businesses stick with normal taps and the airblades.  (Not to mention the airblade is about £500)
Like the one stop shop approach to hand washing. 
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