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Volkswagen's new hybrid system in the 2013 Jetta is a winner. Check out our review:
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Just imagine what fuel economy they would have gotten if they used a diesel for the internal combustion motor...
la definicion de hibrido deberia recaer en un auto 100% electrico que solo utilice un motor de gasolina para alimentar al generador que alimente a su vez a las baterias del motor electrico que impulsa el motor. lo demas son tomadas de pelo para que el consumidor incauto diga apoyo a la ecologia cuando no hay un ahorro considerable de combustible y proteccion al ambiente, como se establecio en la demanda contra Honda en EUA por decir que su hibrido era ultra uts cuando solo ahorraba lo minimo...
Te acuerdo +Leonardo V. Conde Hernandez , pero tambien deben tener un motor diesel que naturalmente consume menos combustible, y, quizas lo mas importante, puede consumir combustible 'biologico': reciclado o hecho de plantas sostenibles.
My 2001 Jetta TDI gets 46-50 MPG without batteries. Seems like they're going backwards.
Yes +Dan MacDonald -- I really don't understand why the most successful diesel passenger car maker for the US market, able to meet strict US EPA emissions, famed for fuel mileage (c.f. the 84 mpg hypermile run in a Passat), doesn't use a diesel engine at the core of their hybrid to get fantastic fuel mileage. It's like if you get in the mid to upper 40s mpg, that's good enough for now. Here is some explanation: .  But if VW doesn't do it, somebody else will (and they already are...)
no pues en ese caso podriamos aventurarnos mas y poner fotoceldas al carro o lo nuevo de carreteras que al transitar generen energia electrica y el carro se vaya cargando mientras rueda!!!
+Brendan Brisker Volkswagen said 2 years ago they had a diesel hybrid coming out shortly in Europe that would get just over 100mpg
Thanks +John Scott, I didn't know that, but I should just applied the usual principle: Europe always gets the best diesels!  I did research and see a plug-in Volvo diesel hybrid, as well as a diesel hybrid Range Rover, both both of these are relative gas-guzzlers. 

In any case, that confirms what I was speculating on in my first post-- 2x the mpg if you use a diesel as the internal combustion engine.  Combine that with biodiesel and you are beginning to approach sustainable transportation for the Single Occupancy Vehicle.
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