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A reborn Internet Explorer arrived on Windows 7
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I tried it out on my work machine... their own Dynamics CRM 2011 doesn't render in it :(
Most corporate applications still run on IE6 (at the very best IE8), so I don't expect this to be seen at our company for a long while..
my favourite web browser. been using IE6 for years and loving it. hopefully this update will not compromise my wonderful web surfing experience with IE6.
I didn't get a good first impression from IE10. This article seems to paint it in a good light though. I do have one question about the standards compliance in IE10, are we talking actual web standards or MS web standards like they have done previously?
+Shawn Conlin actual web standards this time.  MS didn't make the same mistake of adopting the previous spec before it was ratified.
Chrome all the way and not looking back!
IE is no longer relevant for me personally. Chrome is THAT good.
IE is the most relevant browser still! It still have something like 50% market share.
When people of the internet generation say "relevant" they mean "do I use it". Obviously that's a ridiculous use of the term but here we are.
It's still relevant, and will be as long as Windows is used by end users.  The fact that it's a fairly standards compliant browser makes it more so.

Smarmy fanboyism doesn't change the fact ;)
IE is only relevant to people who don't realize how much better Chrome is in so many ways. Those ways include speed, security, bookmark syncing, ad blocking, just to name a few of my favorites. 
+Robert Miller that would be most people though.  And to be fair, Chrome doesn't render everything very well (I'm a web developer) so I use FF, Chrome, and IE (I use IE the least).
The "Most people" using IE is shrinking more all the time especially those moving to tablets and smart phones for browsing which does not use IE. Even PC use of IE is shrinking with Chrome quickly gaining users. I haven't noticed rending issues in Chrome but perhaps my list of normally browsed web sites is rather small. The ability to sign into Chrome with my Google account is invaluable in the way it restores my bookmarks and even extensions. It makes getting a new PC or device less of a hassle.
As businesses and their apps make the shift into the cloud, Chrome will become more relevant to them. Soon even business computing will be more about the browser and less about the OS and traditional software.
If you've done work with a large number of businesses you'll realize how uninterested in cloud computing many industries are.
Just like the 8 track tape was replaced by the cassette, cassettes were replaced by compact disk, CD's and DVD' are becoming extinct in favor of cloud based Netflix/ Google Play/ Amazon Cloud, etc. In the same way, local, software, based computing will be replaced with a cloud solution. It makes total sense in so many ways. Its the year 2013 after all!

Netflix thought the DVD was extinct and made a ghastly error, attempting to steer everyone away from what's still the most profitable component of their business. Good luck with that "not reading anything ever" thing though Robert.
The dying process of the DVD is what took out Blockbuster. Other things will suffer a similar fate such as traditional software and local hosting, networking, and storage. The sooner the transition to the cloud the less painful and more competitive a company can become.
How can the phrase "If it ain't broke, dont fix it" ever work when it comes to technology? Things are always changing and being improved. Dialup used to work but I sure am glad for broadband! Software upgrades and compatibility issues are a nightmare! Taking computing into the cloud is the best was to eliminate those sort of issues. Like it or not, I see most businesses moving that way in the very near future. It is already well under way.
Dialup didn't work well, you don't seem to know anything about any topic.
Experiencing issues with simple ajax implementation.. pretty disappointed
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