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Ubuntu Touch, Firefox OS and Tizen: Which upstart mobile OS do you think shows the most promise?
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Just what we don't need...further fragmentation. Windows 8 Mobile can't get a decent app foothold and now they want to throw three more hats into the ring?
+Alejandro Sosa No - I want interoperability. We don't need five completely separate platforms all clamoring for market share which, in the end, LEADS to a monopoly by way of platform exclusive apps and accessories.

Imagine what would happen to Android if Facebook got tired of developing for multiple platforms and went iOS only.

Nice try at being condescending though. Good job, little guy.
I would like to see Chrome OS developed for mobile! It is truly amazing on a Chromebook.
Really is amazing? even without internet connection? :O
This is interesting, I don't think that the Chromebook could work without internet
I have had my 250.00 Samsung Chromebook for several weeks now and it is fast becoming my go to device of choice. 
It's so amusing use of ubuntu in large monitor not like iMac but it's nice
But the x86 Ubuntu consumes so much battery in the Macbook :/
Of course
I use it
Just one recommendation
Use small icons
The Chromebook battery seems to last for hours.
I think it should do, maybe i will test Chrome Os on my macbook pro
+Warren Hardison Android doesn't need Facebook. I never installed the FB app on this Galaxy Nexus. I also ditched my FB account months ago. G+ is so much better. It is just going to take more time for the FB sheep to wake up and make the switch. :)
Yes much more secure and nearly Ad-free and much better user/posting-sharing controls. It blows me away how so often, that which is "popular" FB, too often trumps what is much better G+! 
Ubuntu will be the best in my opinion

It could be argued that G+ has everything to offer that FB offers. There are Google Communities, Google Pages, etc. People are just too lazy and sheep-like to make the switch to that which is truly better. In the same way people are locked or heavily invested in Itunes. A lot of similarities for sure.
Indeed G+ is better in almost every way. It is what you wish FB could have been all along. No in your face ads. No in your face game status updates. No drive by malware attacks perusing and using people's FB accounts without their knowledge. No distracting timeline junk that everyone hated when it first came out. FB is a cluttered, noisy, mess, that far too many people are willing to tolerate because they are far too lazy to try anything better! Obviously this is merely my opinion but hopefully there is enough truth in it to make it worth something to somebody. :)
I want the whole World in my hands, and I will use an OS that can provide it. But I have friends whom all they want in their phone is to be able to txt, video chat or send a videomail to family members, and nothing more. No fb, no g+, and not a million aps in their phones. Must have options. 
Awesome id still want backtrack 5 R3 on one 
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