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- Acho que o único incômodo quando o Google Glass estiver popularizado vai ser ouvir  as pessoas dizendo o tempo todo e ao mesmo tempo um "Ok Glass"  faça isso , faça aquilo. Imagina isso em um ônibus, metrô ou num trem.
Zach W.
+Simon Whight, you'll also be able to navigate the menus via touching and tapping the side of the frames.
Awesome sauce! Now I just need it at $150 or less and I'm all in.
Zach W.
+Joe Follmann, if you have a smartphone, you have essentially all the world's knowledge in your pocket and hands. This will require improvement, but this is moving towards shifting that knowledge before your eyes.
Can't wait for all the stories about people getting them swiped off their face or mugged to get the expensive toy.
Zach W.
+Fenton Moore, good thing smartphones have made us accustomed to that already, eh? =P
So Google can you take my money now.....? 
$1500...well I suppose the 1% need their toys too.
I think most 1%ers would be too concerned with their privacy. No, this is will be most readily consumed by the young professionals of my generation (Y) that have toys rather than real estate and families.
Zach W.
Glass isn't exactly standard components put together in an ordinary way upped in price due to brand name, though. This really isn't comparable to Apple pricing.
Wow. How many people will get run over with these on their head. We really r heading toward being completely desensitized by this crap
Zach Wilks i agree with you man yes $1500 its not cheap but its also not your ordinary glasses you wear today and as far as comparing it with apple atleast Google is doing something completely new to everyone though it could be a gain or a loss for them but atleast they are doing i say 
$1500 is alot for a pair of glasses. Hope its not made in china.
+Zach Wilks I'm not rolling my eyes at the tech or even the price, I'm rolling my eyes at the fact I won't be able to afford that price. Luckily once the tech is out of the early phases we'll see the price go down. 
Zach W.
Gotcha +Joe Follmann. Wasn't the easiest read to determine what was meant there.
Inovation needs lots of money and the final cost of the product goes high. Everyone knows it and I'm not surprised to see a $1500 price tag on this amazing find:).Well, That's is not the case in most of the revise engineering stuff we have been coming through all these years since 2007.
Unless they sell it in a more reasonable price tag like the nexus 4,7,10.then NO.
Zach W.
At this price point, does this honestly seem like it's aimed at the majority of consumers? I think this is just a move to get the idea out there, to inspire others, and to create a stable first wave of wearable computing devices.
If Google. Gets their self-driving cars mass produced, then we don't need to worry about the traffic accidents.
It would be scary to sit in one
+Spencer Edd seriously? With the way the majority of people drive, you think computers can do any worse??? Have you any idea what percentage of drivers are under the influence of something? Or texting. Or looking at their passenger while talking. Or changing a CD. I'll take a self driving car over a person any day!
Would you get on a plane without a pilot?i wont.its a great idea but theres no controll of it if any goes wrong.
gi'me gi'me gi'me I want I want.... Lol 
It is so easy to lose $1500 now.
Funny that we poke on costs without looking at recovering all R&D already invested. Plus, the only reason Google can price premium these is because the rest of the world has been unable to. There will be many cheaper and less sturdy copies coming, if cost is your main concern. Many of the other concerns like people acting like crazy talking to their glasses a and not caring for others walking are good ones to consider!
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